Interconnects between Bryston BCD-1 and B60R

What interconnects should I use between a Bryston BCD-1 and a Bryston B60R? When I bought the BCD-1, I hooked it up with the Tara Labs Prism 55 interconnects that I already had. I'm wondering if I could find better interconnects in the $200-$300 range (new or used, RCA cables).

I like the simplicity of just buying the interconnects Bryston sells ($200 for a 1-meter pair). But I recall reading a while back that better interconnects can be had for around the same price.

What interconnects would you recommend, and what sonic advantages would they have over my current interconnects? Thanks.
If you really like simplicity and great sound, give the Q-audio Tao a "Try". But I am sure you will keep them.
Purist audio design museus or the elementa advance interconnect does wonders to bryston gears for me. YMMV.
In that price range, I strongly recommend Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval interconnects. I refer you to the review of those cables on These cables outperformed Cardas Golden Reference and Audience AU 24e in my system. Best of luck in your search.