Interconnects Audience or Analysis Plus

Can someone tell me the differences between Audience AU24 interconnects and Analysis Plus Solo Crystals? I have Thiel CS6s driven by Classe mono blacks.I want new interconnects between my Classe SSP-300 and my Oppo 981.
Preferred AP over AU24.

I preferred the mids and treble that AP brings out in my Helicon 300 two-ways. That is the strength of the my system along with great midrange. Detail. Spatial. And speed. I cannot emphasize that enough. In addition, I need all the bass I can get so that was extra bonus points in my system. And all of this with stock PC...which should be replaced soon.

Nothing wrong with the AU24. It just did not make my system reach the maximum potential in the areas that I need to be strong in midrange and treble.

Solo instruments have lots of space and male and female sound silky smooth with ribbon-tweeter combo. Now back to the bass. If recorded right my Helicon deliver so your CS6s should sound a lot more dynamic and provide impressive bass and midrange.

Checkout my system and you can see I really tried to focus on treble and midrange. But my bass is very satisfying. As I write this post I'm listening to Seal IV which sounds really good in mids and upper and lower bass.
I use a pair Audience AU24s between my CDP and Preamp with superb results. The two components are a Consonance Reference 2.2 CDP and a AE-3 pre- The pre out to my tube mono block power amps are Cardas Golden Reference ICs. I haven't tried Analysis Oval ICs or any AP cable so I can't offer a comparison.
I would say the Solo's are more detailed and clean and the AU24's more fleshed out (but still with excellent detail).

I preferred the Audience in my system.

Both are great IC's.
Thank you for the replies.I now have a much better sense of the qualities that Audience offers.As for AP,I had tried the AP micro interconnects and AP Oval 9 SC.The micros made a tremendous,startling improvement.The Oval 9 SC did not work in my system and it was through the link to Planet Analog and Enjoy The Music that I am learning why.My current SCs are DIY,made with Audioquest wire, one single straight wire.Once again thanks for all the help,I am still learning about SCs but am now ready to purchase new interconnects