Interconnects and the Speaker Cables for the NAD C356 and PSB Synchrony One B

Which Interconnects and the speakers cables would you pair with the NAD C356 Integrated amplifier and the PSB Synchrony One B bookshelf speakers for the best sound.
I had the predecessor all-NAD system as a prior B-system (C370 integrated, C420 tuner, C540 cdp) driving TOTEM ARROs, REGA R1s and CAMBER 2.0s at various times.

Hence I know the NAD sonic signature (and its pluses AND warts very well.

I am a big supporter in the "pro-cables" camp, but the NAD gear pushes one to a different path. I did lengthy hands-on swap-in / swap-outs of various cable arrays.

my findings; parsing out speaker cables as a noble attempt for improved audio performance without contemporaneous due consideration of the interconnects and power cables as an "all-in" array will be a failed attempt IMO

(1) A quality power cord swap-in and dedicated power line did a LOT more than the effects of the ICs or speaker cables or even both together combined.

The NAD sonic signature is on the "dark side" overall with a rolled-off top end. In an effort to liven it up, I did a long hands-on bake off of various quality brand name ICs and speaker cable arrays , inccluing, inter alia: CHORD, ATLAS, VAN DEN HUl, AUDIOQUEST and a bevy of budget cables.

My findings;

(a) anything more than a 10% cost of your kit overall (that’s 10% all-in for power, IC and speaker cables) was simply a total waste ofnoney - no further step-up in performance .... full stop.

(b) Mostly there was minimal to nil difference in the choices in that price strata overall in any case ... so just go pick one of ’em IMo with some comfort that with NAD, it ain’t gonna matter at looking fir a further Holy Grail

(c) the "better’ incremental (nominal.... nothing big...) cables in system synergies arose in MY (emphasis added) matching of ICs and speaker cables from the same brand instead of any ad-hoc one-off swap-ins resulting in a mixed brand array.

AQ Jaguar IC's
AQ CV-6 or CV-8 Speaker cables
AQ preamp jumpers

AQ's a safe choice because they sound good in just about any system. You won't have to worry so much when you upgrade your electronics.

Don't be put off by the low prices on these cables. I put those models next to cables that were far more expensive and they were just as good.
The Cerious Technologies Graphene Interconnects and Speaker Cables would work out very well with your set up. The only slight problem is I don't know if Bob (owner of Cerious Technologies) is back up and running.

I am driving PSB Image T6 speakers with a NAD C375BEE int amp along with a NAD C546BEE CDP.  After spending allot of time/money, I have settled (for now) on the following:

  • Calabrine Quadio Ultra Bi-Wire Speaker Cables
  • Audio Quest Pre-Amp Jumpers
  • Blue Jean ICs
  • Pangea Audio AC 14 Power Cables

The speaker cables and power cables (especially on the int amp) had the most influence on the overall sound of my NAD/PSB system.

I did try Pangea Audio AC 14 but the highs were rolled off or I should wait longer period to burn in the PC. Or because of the C356 itself (C375 is on the another level).
The best sound I ever heard from my speakers and the NAD was when I used borrowed  Kimber Cable KS1026 speaker cables and the Van Den Hul The Cliif interconnects for the Pre/Amp jumpers and the Elrod PC. I am really grateful to my friend from whom I borrowed the cables because after I returned the cables the sound was disaster so I almost gave up and wanted to sell everything. My friend told me "I told you, don't do it". 
I would be really happy if I could get 10% of that sound.
I believed that the cables make a difference but not like this.