Interconnects and spkr cables with Proac

Just acquired a set of Proac D25's and wondering if anyone with proac has recommendations for both speaker cables and interconnects. Amp is simaudio i-3 with a Cambridge Audio CDP. Currently using siltech MXT but need another interconnect set to allow me to connect in a denon universal 2930 also. Spkr cables are bi wired QED xtubes on lows and supra on highs. NO real issues seen at this point but before i invest wondering if anyone has a setup they would recommend.
hi john,im using hollow gram 2 and matrix 2,i also used the 350xt for a while,(bright stuff?)my amp i3,dyn 1.3 se.nice pair of satori,s should do it,audience makes good stuff too!imho,good luck,dave.