Interconnects and speaker cables

Hello, I have Klipsch Cornwall IV speakers and am purchasing AirTight tube monoblocks and an AirTight preamplifier.  I was hoping someone could steer me to the best interconnects and speaker cables for my system.  I mostly listen to vinyl and to that end, 55 -67 jazz, early blues, acoustic guitar, bluegrass and at times crooners.   Thank you very much for your recommendations.


Disclaimer - I’m a Custom Integrator and dealer for a handful of Hi-Fi lines.

I have loved the Audience line of cables for 20 years. Much longer than I have been a dealer. The first Audience cables I bought were original Au24 which I bought used on AGON. They were very organic sounding with a big bottom-end that belied their small size. Unfortunately, you gave up a little on the top end.

Since then, they’ve gone through a few iterations. With each came improvements. I currently use Au24 SX balanced signal and speaker wire. It still has great bass but no longer suffers at all on top. It's also got a nice, relaxed quality and very large, 3D a sound stage. Everything I’ve heard from Audience over the years still leans toward the relaxed side but never to a fault.

As a dealer, I have access to almost any line I want and have done a fair amount of experimenting over the years. I keep coming back to Audience. The current line is broad and covers a wide range of pricing Starting with Ohno, through Studio One, Two, Au24 SX and topping out with Front Row. All of the lines are small, lighter in mass than many others and easy to handle. I’ve also never found them to be picky about the equipment they’re used with.

With high-efficiency speakers and tube power, the whole line would be in play right down to Ohno which I may not choose with low impedance speakers and/or high-power amplification.

Lastly, John and Company are the real deal. No ego, great service and support - what the industry needs in this category.

Obviously, no one can tell you what the right cable will be for you, your system, your music, your room, etc. FWIW, I’m a Klipsch dealer as well and personally owned Forte III for a year or so. I drove them with assorted McIntosh electronics, some tubes mixed in. I also have some (very positive) experience with AirTight. My opinion is that you’re headed down a good path. Forte III could be a little "shouty" to my ears, as horns can often be. But assuming your room cooperates, I have a feeling Cornwall may really sing with your AirTight gear. And I believe Audience would fit nicely into the equation. 

@muaythai I believe you can’t go wrong buying from the company that I will list below. Based upon the selections they offer purchase the interconnects and speaker cables that you can afford. All of their products are well made and will sound good based on your system.


@muaythai If you wanted to spend additional funds then I would suggest 5N silver interconnects and speaker cables, Grand series, made by

I own a complete loom of the Grand series that I use in one of my tube systems, and after the break-in period (150 hours) they will also ( sound very good, not harsh or sterile in sound, but very musical. It just depends on how much $ you war willing to spend.