Interconnects and Speaker Cable, What in your history hit your pleasure button?

Many of us have had several sets of interconnects and speaker cables.  I have had many of the brands associated with at one time or another of being SOTA.

The ones that I remember having the most aural and mental impact on my pleasure index were the Wireworld Gold Eclipse.  I am not endorsing the Copper vs. Silver debate or forgetting the Nordost, Kimber and many other brands I have owned, I just remember the Gold Eclipse as being a major listening pleasure. 

And you?

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In common with Martin Colloms (Hi-fi Critic Magazine) I have been using Van Den Hul First Ultimate Mk II since they first appeared, having met and discussed the make-up of these cables with AJ himself. Not copper or silver but many strands of carbon fibre that will not deteriorate/degrade over time. They are relatively inexpensive compared with other brands and I like their natural sound. These are paired with Van den Hul Revelation speaker cable. Mains are Kimber PowerKords fed into a Quantum (now Nordost) QX4 mains noise siliencer/conditioner.

Having used a lot of manufacturers interconnects and cables over the last few decades, one product stands out for me.   Inakustic cables (and their remarkable AC conditioner) are the finest I have heard.

Perhaps not the highest profile in North America they are a major concern in Europe.  Have a look at their website to see their professionalism and wide range of products.

Aside from sound quality I believe these are unique in their method of construction and offer huge value for what goes into their manufacturer.

I use the 4004 air speaker cable and 1204 interconnects and could not be more pleased.

The 3500 Power conditioner is again, the best I have used and I would consider it an essential starting point for any serious system.  It is one of those components that I would never consider replacing in my system.

Inakustik cables from Germany is a game changer. I’m using LS 4004 speaker cables, PC 2404 for power cords, and 2404 digital coaxial, XLR interconnects and I2S HDMI.

Excellent construction, impeccable finishing, very high quality copper and connectors. As a famous audiophile manufacturer once said, everything counts in the making of state of the art cables. It first impressed upon me, how light weight it is, to hold and carry in my hands. Very flexible. Photos on website does not do justice, as they look big and heavy like anaconda, but the cables are not heavy at all, actually feather light and extremely easy to manage/adjust if your components in the shelf are having tight space and need flexible light weight cables to get from conditioner/wall to the components. The big heavy cables can sometimes cause issues having a snug fit into your components as they weigh so heavy....sounds familiar? Thank God, Inakustik is not.

It looks and feels like owning a Rolls Royce. It comes with expensive looking catalog book with good packaging box. It’s old school you might say, that you get what you paid for, or another cable company selling snake oil that reap you off. No man, NOT Inakustik. Though impression sells, it is the music, man oh music sounded SO RIGHT and what I have been is ear opening and a bundle of joy to hear. I have been using cable brands from North American, Europe and Chinese. Nothing comes close, no comparison.

Last year, I first bought their 3500P power conditioner, enough to convince me that it is the finest I’ve ever heard and actually, shocking to discover this gem but how little it’s brand name is known in the market. Then, when I bought the Rockna DAC and music server, i need better cables. Decide to take the leap of faith into their reference level digital cables, 2404 coaxial and I2S HDMI, much more details I am hearing.

Recently in the last 2 months, I have replaced industry leading brand name cables, great performance yet value for money, with Inakustik speaker cables LS 4004 and power cords, PC 2404. I fell off my chair. All the superlative adjectives will not describe the music I am hearing.

The speaker cables, LS 4004, makes my Piega 311 monitor speakers sound like a pair of subwoofers added in my room. The bass and air that the power cords, PC 2404, immediately comes through with spades. The details and sound stage, which opens so deep is unbelievable.

The cables are still breaking in as I write this post. Sounds like I am hard selling or pushing the brand name, Inakustik. But I felt forum is a place where i can share with others, what I discover with my fellow audiophile mates.

As always, let your ears be the judge.


PS The North American wholesale distributor is Robert Neil, from Worldwide Wholesales. He probably can describe better than I do.
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'What are flying earths'?

Each channel of the interconnect has a captured earth lead that is grounded to an Entreq Olympus Tellus grounding box, thereby grounding the signal, not the chassis