Interconnects and Speaker Cable, What in your history hit your pleasure button?

Many of us have had several sets of interconnects and speaker cables.  I have had many of the brands associated with at one time or another of being SOTA.

The ones that I remember having the most aural and mental impact on my pleasure index were the Wireworld Gold Eclipse.  I am not endorsing the Copper vs. Silver debate or forgetting the Nordost, Kimber and many other brands I have owned, I just remember the Gold Eclipse as being a major listening pleasure. 

And you?

Bertram audio and Ansuz more expensive cables ( both danish) really gives me extreme satisfaction 
I agree.  Wireworld was good in my system as well.....however all wire sounds different in different  systems.   Try them all and keep the keeper
Various Synergistic Research cables for many years. Got fed up with the constant changes in design. Siltech, Transparent, Nordost, Tara Labs, Kimber Kable, i found none of these were keepers all had good points but not for me.

Finally went with JPS Labs Aluminata, Superconductor 3 and Kaptovator power cords on everything. Kept these for about 5 years.

3 years a go a UK reviewer friend of mine recommended Townshend Audio F1 Fractal cables. I put them in my system and have never looked back. They made the JPS Labs signal cables sound muffled and dull.

I have kept the JPS Labs Kaptovators powering all my electronics with Townshend Audio F1 Fractal interconnects and speaker cables, which are the best i have ever used. They add no colouration just tremendous dynamic transparent cables which is what i have been searching for all these years, i highly recommend Townshend F1 Fractal cables, they bring a tremendous sense of realism with a magical way of connecting you to the music like i have never experienced before with any other brand of cables.

Max is promising a F1 Fractal power cable in the near future, that i am really looking forward to.
Entreq Atlantis interconnects, with flying earths for each channel.
A real gamechanger for me, i genuinely could not believe the transformation compared to my previous Tellerium i/c's.
Magical removal of all glare and grain, with frequency extension at either extreme,  a big leap in bass quality and a big step into the ethereal