Interconnects and Speaker Cable, What in your history hit your pleasure button?

Many of us have had several sets of interconnects and speaker cables.  I have had many of the brands associated with at one time or another of being SOTA.

The ones that I remember having the most aural and mental impact on my pleasure index were the Wireworld Gold Eclipse.  I am not endorsing the Copper vs. Silver debate or forgetting the Nordost, Kimber and many other brands I have owned, I just remember the Gold Eclipse as being a major listening pleasure. 

And you?

Liquid metal. Don't Bogart that joint. And maybe cut back on the Terminator.
My day was made when I finally cried uncle and jumped off the Nordost gravy train.
Sold the whole shooting match.
Made my own power cords.
Made my own speaker cables from Western Electric tinned copper blanks from eBay.
Simple remaining interconnect are all Straightwire brand.

Never been happier.

Now just blow my money on cartridges...
Silnote Orion M1 Master Reference interconnects, Clear Day Cable speaker cable
My Kimber Bifocal XL speaker cables kimber pk10 Palladians kimber select ks1130 1116 1111 1126 kimber carbon ic cables kimber ascent power cords Purist audio designs dominus power cord rev C. Purist audio designs canorus power cord preasto rev.Tara labs the one power cord
LFD ribbon speaker cables are obviously better with LFD IntAmps than  any other speaker cables I've tried. Likewise, LFD ribbons with Pass Amps. Not theory;reality. Other than that, I know nothing. So for your stuff, I'm happy if you're happy.