Interconnects and Speaker Cable, What in your history hit your pleasure button?

Many of us have had several sets of interconnects and speaker cables.  I have had many of the brands associated with at one time or another of being SOTA.

The ones that I remember having the most aural and mental impact on my pleasure index were the Wireworld Gold Eclipse.  I am not endorsing the Copper vs. Silver debate or forgetting the Nordost, Kimber and many other brands I have owned, I just remember the Gold Eclipse as being a major listening pleasure. 

And you?

I've compared and had a lot over the years. Only ones that really did it for me were all Synergistic. The first ones that really amazed were Synergistic Research Element Copper Tungsten Silver speaker cables. The CTS replaced some nearly 20 year old SR Resolution Reference .5 speaker cables that were themselves really good, well good enough I was happy with them for 20 years! The CTS were "only" 15 years old when I bought them earlier this year- yet so good I never dreamed a wire could make so much difference. These CTS came with Galileo power modules for the Active Shielding. Right away I had Michael Spallone modify the MPC which brought them up to a whole new level. Talk about pleasure! Truly amazing inner detail, deep stage, powerful dynamics, black background. Probably the last speaker cables I will ever own.

With interconnects, hearing the CTS got me wondering how much better my Resolution Reference interconnect could be. So a month or so ago I decided to try the Synergistic Atmosphere Euphoria. These come wired for grounding, which I have yet to use. Even so these are at least as impressive as the CTS. They are on my turntable, the only thing used for serious listening, although these things sound so good it should be called pleasurable listening, or sometimes when spinning one of my White Hot Stampers transcendental listening. Sorry. Running out of superlatives.

Sometimes people who think they know something will try and fool the gullible into thinking wire isn't all that. All I can say, the only other things I love as much as my Synergistic wire are my Herron phono stage, Koetsu, Conqueror arm and Miller Carbon Turntable. Yes wire is that big a deal. Finding the best is not easy. You mentioned a lot of wanna-bees, and I went through a bunch more myself. When you find the right ones though, then you realize all you had to go through to get there was totally worth it. Hits my pleasure button every night.
Silver conductors have been hitting my pleasure button, since they started using it in cables.   Even so; it's been interesting, how information can still be lost, even with some, "better" cables.  ie: After some reading on the Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7 interconnects, I thought I’d try a pair, to upgrade from Silver Audio Hyacinths(a few years back) . I’d enjoyed those(feeding my main amps), for almost a decade, by then. More defined(I could listen further into the mix), but- my sound stage narrowed, by about 5-6’. Before sending the audition pair back to The Cable Company(to allow further comparison), I ordered Synergistic’s Tesla Apex interconnects(their best, below bank-breaking, then). The same beautiful rendition as the Eclipse pair, BUT- my sound stage was back, in all it’s spaciousness.    A big +1, for Michael Spallone's MPC mod(worked for me too).     I did try Wireworld's Gold Eclipse 7s, between my TacT RCS 2.2X and Bass amp.  They're still there.  
I strongly suspect the “trick” with silver cables is a combination or all of the following,

wire directionality
cryogenic treatment
longish burn-in
dielectric material
silver content in connectors 
I like Wire World Eclipse 7 power cords on my dac and transport,Eclipse 8 ics between dac and pre.Analysis Solo Crystal from pre to amp is 'the one',just perfect.I've got Analysis Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cables on the way now.If they give me more of what that ic is doing I'll be extremely happy.The timbre,depth,dynamics,etc. are just the way I like it.
What about a cable that is so different that it requires a magnitude different layer of physics to describe it? (QED vs LCR)

Would that bring perspective in and about wire, and what it (wire) actually sounds like, for the first time?

After all, all those frozen lattices are the same, re their transmission behavior. Carbon fiber, graphite, graphene, silver, gold, copper, alloys, all the dielectrics and everything in between... ---all the same.

The only actual and true difference available, is the liquid metal conductor. That’s it.

Everything you know and are immersed in live as and by..and thus cannot find a difference to be able to orient yourself.....and liquid metal as the only ’other’ choice.

The only one that can offer actual perspective (parallax view for the first time) on the idea of really finding out what wire does in an audio system, what wire makes things sound like.

One can hear differences in wire, but one cannot actually escape wire (all the lattice solids in the gear, the whole shebang) to be outside of godel’s incompleteness theorem (as applied to audio) and actually gain a fundamental point of perspective, to gain a critical point of knowing.

Liquid metal audio cable offers that new perspective.
Liquid metal. Don't Bogart that joint. And maybe cut back on the Terminator.
My day was made when I finally cried uncle and jumped off the Nordost gravy train.
Sold the whole shooting match.
Made my own power cords.
Made my own speaker cables from Western Electric tinned copper blanks from eBay.
Simple remaining interconnect are all Straightwire brand.

Never been happier.

Now just blow my money on cartridges...
Silnote Orion M1 Master Reference interconnects, Clear Day Cable speaker cable
My Kimber Bifocal XL speaker cables kimber pk10 Palladians kimber select ks1130 1116 1111 1126 kimber carbon ic cables kimber ascent power cords Purist audio designs dominus power cord rev C. Purist audio designs canorus power cord preasto rev.Tara labs the one power cord
LFD ribbon speaker cables are obviously better with LFD IntAmps than  any other speaker cables I've tried. Likewise, LFD ribbons with Pass Amps. Not theory;reality. Other than that, I know nothing. So for your stuff, I'm happy if you're happy.

+1 analysis Solo Crystal Oval 8

please report back after you get yours 😎
Right on, uberwaltz. I make up my own cables too - Eichmann connectors with Canare starquad. Speaker cables out of nichrome wire, so that my ESL’s don’t need a loading resistor.

And so, I can afford ESL’s.

And no, Godel’s incompleteness theorem cannot apply to audio, because audio is not an axiomatic system.
Bertram audio and Ansuz more expensive cables ( both danish) really gives me extreme satisfaction 
I agree.  Wireworld was good in my system as well.....however all wire sounds different in different  systems.   Try them all and keep the keeper
Various Synergistic Research cables for many years. Got fed up with the constant changes in design. Siltech, Transparent, Nordost, Tara Labs, Kimber Kable, i found none of these were keepers all had good points but not for me.

Finally went with JPS Labs Aluminata, Superconductor 3 and Kaptovator power cords on everything. Kept these for about 5 years.

3 years a go a UK reviewer friend of mine recommended Townshend Audio F1 Fractal cables. I put them in my system and have never looked back. They made the JPS Labs signal cables sound muffled and dull.

I have kept the JPS Labs Kaptovators powering all my electronics with Townshend Audio F1 Fractal interconnects and speaker cables, which are the best i have ever used. They add no colouration just tremendous dynamic transparent cables which is what i have been searching for all these years, i highly recommend Townshend F1 Fractal cables, they bring a tremendous sense of realism with a magical way of connecting you to the music like i have never experienced before with any other brand of cables.

Max is promising a F1 Fractal power cable in the near future, that i am really looking forward to.
Entreq Atlantis interconnects, with flying earths for each channel.
A real gamechanger for me, i genuinely could not believe the transformation compared to my previous Tellerium i/c's.
Magical removal of all glare and grain, with frequency extension at either extreme,  a big leap in bass quality and a big step into the ethereal
@teo_audio- A little nit-picking, just for fun(apologies, to the OP): There are actually two magnitudes(layers) of difference between LCR(Classical/Newtonian/fixed) and QED. Relativity(not fixed) and it’s theories, supercedes Newtonian. Quantum, with it’s tested/proven facts regarding our reality, challenges both. QED is an attempt to unify(reconcile) Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Thus far, we’re only familiar with about 5% of our universe. When/if an understanding of the other 95% becomes available(ie: what it is/what it does/how to measure it), we may have more answers("gain a critical point of knowing"), as to why so many phenomena go unexplained(ie: what we hear regarding wire, semiconductors, dielectrics, geometries, fuses, etc). GOT LIQUID(metal, not milk)? I’d certainly be interested! Happy listening!
Entreq Atlantis interconnects, with flying earths for each channel.
What are "flying earths?"
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In common with Martin Colloms (Hi-fi Critic Magazine) I have been using Van Den Hul First Ultimate Mk II since they first appeared, having met and discussed the make-up of these cables with AJ himself. Not copper or silver but many strands of carbon fibre that will not deteriorate/degrade over time. They are relatively inexpensive compared with other brands and I like their natural sound. These are paired with Van den Hul Revelation speaker cable. Mains are Kimber PowerKords fed into a Quantum (now Nordost) QX4 mains noise siliencer/conditioner.

Having used a lot of manufacturers interconnects and cables over the last few decades, one product stands out for me.   Inakustic cables (and their remarkable AC conditioner) are the finest I have heard.

Perhaps not the highest profile in North America they are a major concern in Europe.  Have a look at their website to see their professionalism and wide range of products.

Aside from sound quality I believe these are unique in their method of construction and offer huge value for what goes into their manufacturer.

I use the 4004 air speaker cable and 1204 interconnects and could not be more pleased.

The 3500 Power conditioner is again, the best I have used and I would consider it an essential starting point for any serious system.  It is one of those components that I would never consider replacing in my system.

Inakustik cables from Germany is a game changer. I’m using LS 4004 speaker cables, PC 2404 for power cords, and 2404 digital coaxial, XLR interconnects and I2S HDMI.

Excellent construction, impeccable finishing, very high quality copper and connectors. As a famous audiophile manufacturer once said, everything counts in the making of state of the art cables. It first impressed upon me, how light weight it is, to hold and carry in my hands. Very flexible. Photos on website does not do justice, as they look big and heavy like anaconda, but the cables are not heavy at all, actually feather light and extremely easy to manage/adjust if your components in the shelf are having tight space and need flexible light weight cables to get from conditioner/wall to the components. The big heavy cables can sometimes cause issues having a snug fit into your components as they weigh so heavy....sounds familiar? Thank God, Inakustik is not.

It looks and feels like owning a Rolls Royce. It comes with expensive looking catalog book with good packaging box. It’s old school you might say, that you get what you paid for, or another cable company selling snake oil that reap you off. No man, NOT Inakustik. Though impression sells, it is the music, man oh music sounded SO RIGHT and what I have been is ear opening and a bundle of joy to hear. I have been using cable brands from North American, Europe and Chinese. Nothing comes close, no comparison.

Last year, I first bought their 3500P power conditioner, enough to convince me that it is the finest I’ve ever heard and actually, shocking to discover this gem but how little it’s brand name is known in the market. Then, when I bought the Rockna DAC and music server, i need better cables. Decide to take the leap of faith into their reference level digital cables, 2404 coaxial and I2S HDMI, much more details I am hearing.

Recently in the last 2 months, I have replaced industry leading brand name cables, great performance yet value for money, with Inakustik speaker cables LS 4004 and power cords, PC 2404. I fell off my chair. All the superlative adjectives will not describe the music I am hearing.

The speaker cables, LS 4004, makes my Piega 311 monitor speakers sound like a pair of subwoofers added in my room. The bass and air that the power cords, PC 2404, immediately comes through with spades. The details and sound stage, which opens so deep is unbelievable.

The cables are still breaking in as I write this post. Sounds like I am hard selling or pushing the brand name, Inakustik. But I felt forum is a place where i can share with others, what I discover with my fellow audiophile mates.

As always, let your ears be the judge.


PS The North American wholesale distributor is Robert Neil, from Worldwide Wholesales. He probably can describe better than I do.
@ cleeds

'What are flying earths'?

Each channel of the interconnect has a captured earth lead that is grounded to an Entreq Olympus Tellus grounding box, thereby grounding the signal, not the chassis
I’ve tried many cables and got off the merry go round with the Cerious Technologies Matrix Cables. I’m very happy with the tonal quality of them. His recent USB cables are amazing.

Having used a lot of manufacturers interconnects and cables over the last few decades, one product stands out for me. Inakustic cables (and their remarkable AC conditioner) are the finest I have heard.

Perhaps not the highest profile in North America they are a major concern in Europe. Have a look at their website to see their professionalism and wide range of products.

Aside from sound quality I believe these are unique in their method of construction and offer huge value for what goes into their manufacturer.

>>>>>>>Interesting. What is their unique method(s) of construction?
I demo’ed a preamp last year and needed to borrow another set of interconnects because my preamp was a preamp/DAC unit.  The dealer (audio archon in Chicago area) loaned me Planus silver AG by MG audio.  The interconnects made a bigger difference in my system than the preamp did. But took me a lot of juggling positions, switching the cables and borrowing another cable from a friend to confirm it was indeed the interconnect.  Replaced my other interconnects (purist audio) with the MG Planus AG, too.  Special ordered one to a custom length an purchased a demo from the dealer, each was under a grand.
IMHUOAE (In My Highly Unscientific Opinion And Experience), after trying numerous cables (interconnects), I concluded that well designed and built cables made from copper were best for my ears: most natural sound with zero anomalies.
I have tried them all and the ones that 
really got my emotions going 
was Black Cat from Chris.
He is on to something great.

After Trying several brands over several years, I have been very content with Thales Interconnects and Speaker Cables. › products

When I added a a Super Tweeter to my system I used Silver Cabling from
Tempo Electric › cables_speaker-cables
meiatflask, I chortled at your comment, "he interconnects made a bigger difference in my system than the preamp did," not out of mockery, but because of understanding. I have had similar experiences between cables and components. It's tremendous fun for me to tune a rig with cables in order to achieve a sound that I relish. Kudos on following up the experience with commitment to the improvement.  :) 

i dont see even one mention of Cardas.
is there no love for these?
im thinking of giving them a try with my PS Audio gear & B&W 804d2 speakers.

I’ve tried and used many. I’ve settled down with Audience. I’m using The new Front Row USB, AU24-SX interconnect from Dac to amp and AU24-SX Speaker cables.
Magically Musical. Natural extension on top with no etch, midrange is just sublime, bass is extended and both powerful and quick. I’m also a long time Shunyata owner. Their power products have been and are consistently top of the range, they’re simply consistently better than others I’ve tried.
I have been predominately using DH Labs cabling for almost 20 years now. Silver coated copper cabling for what it is worth. It has just seemed right to my ears in most of the systems that I have had set up over the years-including my current one. I also tend to use the same cabling throughout, preferring not to mix and match. 

Other cables that have seen use off and on have been Mogami, Supra, Linn, Naim, the Linn and Naim more when I had systems from those companies wares. 

I have tried several other cable looms in my current system, all being considerably more expensive with a lot of “buzz-word” technology wrapped around them. I end up coming back to, and preferring the relatively inexpensive, no or little foo DH Labs cabling. 

Most of the cabling that that I have tried against the DH Labs, has been similar or just different, but I cannot honestly say that any of it was “better”. Generally, I find this to be true of many hifi things these days, there just doesn’t seem to be those OMG moments to my ears, at least not very often. Maybe that is a good thing really, and could also be why I just listen to music and not worry over that next thing that supposedly “needs” upgrading. 
I have Morrow Audio MA4 interconnects and a DIG4 digital cable.
SP5 Bi Wire speaker cables. All the new version.
The only different one is a Nordost Quatro Fil 5 pin DIN to XLR phono cable.
I’ve had the Quatro Fil for about 20 years.

@frazeur1 I used DH Labs Q10 for almost 10 years. I recently replaced it with the Audience. Not even close. But the DH Labs for the money is a great cable. I’ll go so far to say best reasonably priced cables out there. 
ifi audio usb cable
kimber hero rca cables
qed /wireworld speaker cables
I'm another fan of DH Labs. Their speaker wire and ICs are excellent for the price.
Like many here, I too have used a mishmash of cables, but in the last year I have gone 100% to WireWord series 7 & 8. My system never sounded better
Decades ago WW understood the points GKait brought up
@axeis1, interestingly, Audience cabling was one of the groups I listened to/experimented with sometime ago. It was not their current series though. While it is excellent cable, it just didn’t do anything to my ears that my current DH Labs cable was doing, and especially for the cost. Maybe I am just cloth eared, but to be truthful, I am semi agnostic to all this cable stuff these days.

After swapping cabling in and out of my system over the years, trying to listen to the music with “open” ears to what might be different/better/worse, I have somewhat given up caring. The music in the end is what is important, or should be I would think, so I gave up. My time now is spent doing just that, listening to my music.

I am pleased though that others out there find their systems to be much more revealing or whatever other attributes it may bring with cabling from various brands. It would be a dull world if we all liked the same things! 
after many years of $wapping cables of various brands ie Cardas, audience, acoustic zen, supra, crimson, straight wire, goertz, clear day, VH audio, signal, probably a few others....I landed on a full loom of JPS Labs which sounds great and got me off the merry go round.
@tweak1   I have all WW Platinum Eclipse 7 RCA'S in my system.  Which WW speaker cable are you using?
I upgraded from series 7 mini-eclipse to Eclipse 8
When I tried my first Synergistic Research Tesla cables I knew I had to go all the way.  I was informed of Michael Spallone's MPC tweak and sent him a half dozen of mine to be upgraded.   I never thought about trying anything else.  I have arrived where I wanted to be.
    Considering the many standout brands of cabling and conditioners for example: Wireworld, Hidiamond, Synergistic Research, Audioquest, Transparent, PS Audio, MIT, Nordost, Audience, Cardas, Kubala, Kimber Kable, Purist Audio Design, Elrod, Verastarr, Shunyata, JPS Labs, Signal Cable and Inakustik, most of these I have tried/tested in my many years in this hobby. Only one brand checked all of the pros and is presently staying planted in my listening room. 
     Inakustik cables is not just a phenomenal sounding cable, it is a well crafted, engineered, piece of art. To the 2404 air cabling to the HDMI optical and the best conditioning ones system should not do without - the 3500P AC Reference Power Station. Anyone looking to lower the noise floor and here the most natural production of your music should give Inakustik a try. You won’t be disappointed........

System dependent as always, but in my current system...

MIT Matrix HD 36 interconnects and

MIT Matrix HD 60 bi-wire speaker cables.

It always mystifies me when folks doggedly espouse the notion that cables do not and cannot make a difference. They state this as if it were accepted scientific doctrine. I always think, what the heck are you listening to?? Cables can make a tremendous difference in the sound of a good, high resolution system. Years ago I found this to be true when I found The Cable Company and was able to audition a number of interconnects and speaker cables. I had what I felt was a pretty good stereo rig at the time. The first ic's I used were MIT 330. They made quite the difference in sound. I tried a few more over time including XLO. I finally chose Audioquest Diamond IC's as the best I had heard (they were expensive though). I got out of the hobby for a number of years, and when I got involved again selected Morrow audio cables, though I didn't really audition others. Just a few month ago I again got the urge to audition cables again. I bought some Audioquest IC's and was amazed once again at the difference they made (Sydney and Mackenzie IC's) So, I contacted The Cable Company, and after trying out a few cables selected Synergistic Research CORE UEF Level 2 IC's. THese are very good cables and again I was happy for a while. During a recent move I came across a length of Cardas Hexlink Golden 5C. I had bought this set used on a whim from Audiogon months before. I had only given them a cursory listen because I was trying out the Synergetics at the time. I had originally felt they were too veiled. Since I am now retired and have some time on my hands I decided to give them another try (I had also just purchased RME ADI 2 DAC.) Wow, with the resolution of the new DAC the Cardas opened up and amazed me. The sound was warm, but detailed. The sound stage was vast and imaging terrific. Wraping up this long story, I ordered some used Cardas Golden Presence cables on Audiogon. They were new, but discontinued by Cardas. The Golden Presence are absolutely the most musical ic's I have ever experienced. My system simply bloomed. So, do cables make a difference in the sound of a system?  I only know what I hear and that is they can and do make a difference. In fact they can transform your system.
Went Cardas Golden Reference throughout a few years back. About a year went by before I realized I hadn’t been worrying about my wires.
works for me.
In the past I've had AZ, Kimber, Cardas Golden Reference, Cardas Clear, Transparent Gen 5, Ref, A23, etc, etc. for interconnects and speaker cables. I have settled on Tellurium Q Black Diamond IC's and speaker cables. Simply amazing how good these cables are. Cables make a big difference. I was once a quasi non-believer but I have been converted.
The ones I keep coming back to are StraightWire Maestro interconnects and Kimber 8TC speaker cable.