Interconnects and Speaker Cable Recommendations

What is a good interconnect and speaker cable match for a system that is comprised of a Dodd Audio (tube)preamp, Quad 909 (SS) amp, a PrimaLuna Prologue 8 (tube) CD Player and the Salk SongTowers (with the LCY ribbon tweeter) speakers? Budget is $1500 or less. Thanks.
Reality Cables

Contact Gregg and have him set you up. The cables are available with an in-home trial.

You'll come in for about half your budget.
Thanks Tvad... do these stack up to Acoustic Zen reference IC's and speaker cables? Has anyone demo'd both?
Try them for yourself and decide.
Speltz Anti-Cables...
I have the Reality Speaker cables and balanced IC's and they work well in my setup.
In addition to those mentioned look into the Grover Huffman cables. As with the others they are offered with a trial period (60 days).