Interconnects and phono pre

How important are interconnects that run between pre and phono? I am running AZ Absolutes from my amp to pre amp, but am using the entry level WOW interconnects between the pre and phono. Will upgrading these interconnects have the same effect as upgrading elsewhere in the system? Thanks.

have you tried switching the cables around to hear if there is a difference ?
I wish i could, amp is XLR only and phono is RCA only so I don't have that option, but thanks for the idea.
try something that is popular that you can resell easily or something with a 30 MB policy. You will hear a difference, nice phonostage BTW
My experience, which also confirmed the recommendation(s) of some designers of high end cable (Silver Cable, Magnan, Purist, MIT) is that it's a good idea (some said essential) to use the same cable between the tonearm >> phono preamp and the phono preamp >> preamp.

And many audiophiles, myself included, have come to the conclusion that the synergistic benefits of using the same make and model cables throughout their systems, outweigh the possible benefits of using a different/specialty type of cable at a particular location. Of course, this approach assumes that a given manufacturer makes products for all locations in your system, including power cords.

check out the cable company, they have many cables, phono cables, power cords, that you can borrow from their lending library to hear how they sound in your system for what I consider a reasonable time period. Sometimes it can be extended also. could always use an adapter to experiment and then dump the adapter

Nsgarch... I slightly disagree with you...yes to same brand (house sound) of interconnects and speaker cables, but power I have found that these are a totally different animal...manufacturers buy other's plugs which are a significant contributer to the total sound which swamp that house sound. Make your own power cords...better and easy to do.
YES, it all starts with your source equipment digital or analog, the better sound path the better quality you end up with as a whole. I have the same preamp but a differant Phono stage (Nagra VPS)and TT (Basis)than you. When I went from FMS Nexus RCA in/XLR out to Nordost Valhala RCA in/XLR out there was a big differance in sound quality for the better. They keep getting better as they breakin.
Just try lots of ICs if you can before you choose they will all sound differant.
OK, thanks so much to everyone who responded! It sounds like interconnects WILL make a difference so I am on the hunt.