Hello friends 
I am looking for interconnects from my disc player to preamp. My system consists of:
Parasound A 21 amp
Pass Labs XP 10 preamp 
Cyrus CDi disc player 
Legacy Audio Signature SE speakers 
There are so many options and prices, I don't know where to begin. I'm looking around a $500 price point. I look forward to your advice 

Add me to the list recommending you try ClearDay.  The price is right and they are very musical.
Whatever you decide to get, $500-$600  should buy a very good but not excellent new cable. is well worth checking. The name for this brand is very well chosen, and have used with pleasure between both tube and solid state preamps and amps for more than a decade.

Another excellent brand is named Auricle Audio Design ( Also has stood the test of time in my systems.

 You can enjoy the illusion of a physically present performance which is always great fun.

And you can speak to these designer-manufacturers if any question.

IMO: Auditioning cables is not one of the great pleasures of life.
In fact, it can consume way more time than it’s worth. ;^)
The best cables for more applications in the world are van den Hul. They have 63 pages of Audio cables. They supply cabling to 38 equipment manufacters including B&W Focal SME to name a few. van den Hul has been in the cable business since 1980