interconnects ?

listening to fusion jazz and other jazz mostly with vandersteen 2ce sig. speakers, cary player which i believe sounds like tubes with krell 400i ...combo of interconnects and shotgun biwire? any suggestions thanks
Dwhitt, I would recommend you consider Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II IC's and Satori speaker wire for an audition in your home rig. Both can be gotten used for very reasonable cost and offer great performance and are very well built.

If, you want details regarding their sonic qualities go to the reviews I posted on them, here on the GON.
AZ Matrix Ref MkII(well balanced for brighter systems) or Silver Ref MkII(for greater resolution), AZ Satori Shotgun speaker cable. You have to try in your system though.
But I think with Krell, the Matrix Ref MkII may be a better match.