Interconnection cables, excellent finding.

We often hear, that we get what we pay for. But occasionally
we find products which are very priceworthy, and now I want to communicate one such finding to you.
The product in question is called Silk II, and I will now tell you the whole story of how I found it.

As a Swede I have an ability, although limited, to read norwegian. Having subscribed to the Norwegian magazine Audio
for about a year, I sew,in the magazine´s fifth 2000 issue,
an elaborate review of an IC cable called Silk, that was almost unknown to me.
The four reviewers/editors were all very poitive about it;
one wrote e.g. "Together with the Transparent Reference and
WireWorld Gold Eclipse, the Silk is clearly the most homo-geneous cable that I have tested."
You might wish to ask me, is this magazine trustworthy?
As I see it, it´s as good as it gets, and together with the
English hi-fi+ the only ones that I subscribe to.(But of course, I occasionally read some american magazines,such as
Stereophile and TAS, as well).

Back to the Silk cable! At a price, that is significantly
lower than the other two cables mentioned above,and considering the very favorable review, I felt that I had to check it out, so I ordered some cables.
When I changed the balanced interconnection between my pre-
and poweramp, from the Tara Labs Prism II(which I had borrowed from a friend),to the Silk, I found the improvment
to be considerable! The Tara was not bad at all, but the Silk was perceptible superior in my system.Then i changed
the unbalanced IC´s as well, to a very positive result.

Some months later, Petter Hörlaas, the distributorof, among other things, Silk interconnections here in Sweden, and from whom I had bought them, called me up and told me that
the cable now was available in an improved mark II version, and of course, out of curiosity, I couldn´t resist checking them out! Was there an improvement? Indeed yes;some un-wanted,but nearly unnoticeable artifacts mainly in the upper registers, was now gone, and the sound from my system
had taken a big step towards "the naked truth", a goal that
I, for my part aim at.

If you are looking for an honest,neutral cable, at a reasonable price, you might want to try the Silk II for yourself. Naturally, I can´t gaurantee,that you will like it as much as I do, but I think there is at least a fair chance that you will like it a lot.

Petter has now told me, that the Silk II interconnections will be introduced in the US through direct-selling to customers in the US, from his company Intelligent Sound (the distributor), here in Sweden. I believe that a 4 foot
set of terminated (RCA or XLR) IC-cables will cost you approx. $ 170 plus postage and duty.
If you are interested, please mail him at:
(The company has a web-site:
but it is only partly written in English,so I don´t think it´s very informative to you).
I want to stress, that I have no economical interests in
his company. I only volonterely wanted to support him, in
his efforts to get this splendid product to a bigger market!

My system comprises of: J.Rowland Synergy II preamp
Sony SCD-777ES player( on home-made
suspension table and with home-made
power cord)will be modified,but not
the Audiocom way.

LC Audio Patriot (2*100W Class A
power amp from Denmark)
Home-built (kit) Focal 802 speakers
Sil-Speak speaker cables
And hopefully:in the near future
my homebrewn speaker, that has
costed me nearly two years of labor
and about $ 7000, to build. Serious

Håkan Ståhl
I can throw in another company that will give the "big names" a run for their money at a fraction of the cost, LAT International. I finally tried my first IC from them and I am very happy with the results, plus the quality is top notch.

On their Web site,, they claim that their IC-200 MkII will compare with $2000 a meter cables, the IC-200 MKII is $189. They also have speaker cables. If you have the time, read their "Cable Hype" link.
Your post reads like an advertisement. Is it really, and not a post from a listener ???
Sorry,I think I may have calculated the price of the Silk II cables in a wrong way. (I deducted the Swedish VAT or sales tax , then divideded it with the current excange rate for dollars vs the swedish currency,but used an older price to begin with. The real price is slightly higher.

I also forgot to mention a separate DAC(made by a friend
of mine), that I use(d) with the SCD-777ES. But he is now updating it, the first version sounded almost like the internal DAC,with filter number 2.

Regarding Sugarbrie´s comment, I don´t know if it is a
comment on my posting, or the real meaning of it.
Please speak out, in a way that makes sense!

I´m now 51 years old, and have heard a lot of systems, and
I state that the very expencive gear is often good or
even excellent, but if one can achieve a system with less
money,that has the same or almost the same virtues as the
more (or most) expencive ones, then you will likely be a
gifted audiophile. Some very expencive systems havn´t
been musically gratifying to my ears.There is some hype
and ignorance in this business.If I come across other
(in my opinion)excellent products, that doesn´t cost
a fortune, I will inform you about them. Needless to say,
you may believe me or not.
Håkan Ståhl
We have something on television in the USA called an infomercial, which is a TV commercial disguised as a news program or interview to make the viewer think they are watching real testimonials from customers, when it is just a bunch of actors reading a script to get you to buy the product. Your first post came accross to me as being similar.
You want a run for your money, try Clarity Wires IC's They can be found exclusivly at I have the Emberglow and really love it.

BTW, i have no relation to either response audio or Clarity Wires, only a happy customer.