Interconnect with great dynamics and bass slam ,

I recently purchased some Cardas Golden cross sepaker cables. They replaced my Dh Lab Q10s. I replaced the Q10s because i was getting some upper mid freq brightness.
I have Golden Cross interconnects from preamp to amp and from cd player to pre amp. The sound is very smooth and detailed .The bass and mid bass is not as authorative or as tight. The highs are better - more detailed and smooth.
The problem is the sound is almost too smooth the bass is kind of rounded off now .The sound is less dynamic.
My Question is.
Is there an interconnect that could give me back that great bass and dynamics of that i had with the Q10s, without the harshness i was getting. I think i would like to keep the Golden Cross speaker cables and try changing the ICs. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Some more system details might help.
Interesting topic, I just finished posting something similar on a Nordost Valhalla thread. I have found that when I go too far down a path with ANY cable, eventually I find that cables weakness and find that cable intolerable. For instance, while Valhalla power cords worked well, adding Valhalla interconnects and speaker cable got progressively worse. Too thin, too anemic.

I've had similar experience with Cardas, Jade Audio, Stealth Audio, Purist Audio, and others, with similar results. Some = Good. More = Bad.

I find that a cable works well in the system, so I think that more will be better, and it never works out that way. I have learned that the best way to go is to have unmatched cables within my system. Tune one component at a time and do not assume that more will = better.

Currently I am running Jade Audio between CDP and preamp, Purist Audio between turntable and preamp, Tara Labs between preamp and amp, and Acoustic Zen speaker cables. I am close to the sound that I'm looking for, closer than with all cables being from any one line. I can't explain it, but after decades of experimentation, I don't think that ONE perfect cable for the whole system is out there.

So it sounds as if you have just discovered that too much of a good thing can make a bad thing. It sounds like you are looking for interconnects to add more speed and resolution now. Try Nordost, Tara Labs or Stealth Audio interconnects.
Jmcgrogan2 is a seasoned audiophile,I would consider his recommendations for cables!and I do agree with mt10425,we need to know what you are working with to give you an accurate recommendation. cheers!
My sytem is Sony CDP-M555-ES cd player
Marantz SR5003 as a pre-amp
Emotiva LPA-1 amp
Speakers are Source Technology 8211HD
Currently using Golden Cross ICs from cdplayer to Marantz, also Golden Cross IC from Marantz To amp.
I am actually Bi-amping the speakers
using Synergistic Research #2 on the bass(bottom) and NOW Cardas Golden Cross Speaker cables on the Top
Sourcespeaker .com
I like the sound except they are much less dynamic than The DhLabs Q10 speaker cables i was using on the top.
they bass is not as well defined and transients seem much more rolled off or smoothed out .
I wanted to see if i could find an IC between the Cd player and Marantz to replace the Golden Cross first, and see how that worked with the current Golden Cross Speaker cables - I got them used at a real good price .
I was considering Audioquest Anaconda IC or Maybe Audience AU24e. I want better dynamics and better bass slam. The bass or (midbass really) is kind of rounded sounding now .
I agree with Jmcgrogan on mixing cables. I have found best for my system is what he has found. That said I would add to i/cs recommendation Jps labs superconductor and AAD incredibles diamond.
If it were me, I would put the DH Labs cable back in the system and return the Cardas. Otherwise you will end up spending a lot of money and probably still won't be completely satisfied.
I had similar issues with brightness. Now I use all Analysis Plus speaker & ic cable, except for a pair of Discovery Essence sending signal from my Bottlehead phono amp. This has created what I believe is cable synergy in my McCormack/Hales system. The sound is now well balanced from top to bottom and just sounds "right" to me. Good luck with you setup!
My experiences have been very similar to JMcgrogan's, with a mix of brands always giving me my preferred type of sound. I would suggest getting in touch with The Cable Company and auditioning the JPS Superconductor 3 interconnect. Based on what you want to stay with, I think it might just give you the kind of balance you seek.
Sorry for the slow resonse. I just created my syatem for everyone to see. Thank you for all of the replies . I will try some of the IC reccomendations .
@ grey9hound, Hi,How much money are you willing to spend on a used i/c,or a new i/c,and what length do you need?,the length matters other than making it to point to point,there is alot of cable brands out there that sound better shorter,and some sound better a little longer,answering these questions will enable me to clarify my reccomendations for you,now that I know the system you are working with,cheers!
I will second the JPS SC3 interconnect. I also get good quickness and bass with the Nordost Heimdal, and at the lower end I got great bass and dynamics with a Transparent Audio 100 interconnect.

I found the Golden Cross to be too sluggish for my tastes, and the Au24 is very nice and quick, but doesn't have alot of bass heft if you're looking for that. The JPS especially does.
How long have you had the cables for? Cardas takes a very long time to break in.
Ia m open to cost but don't want to spend thousands . I prefer to spend 500-600 on used ones. i will need a 1 meter pair
The cardas speaker cables are used . i have had them since firday and played them 20 hours or so
@ grey9hound,I reccomend The Taralabs air one used or if you buy new,the new version of this cable is called the air one EX,that they improved over the original cable that does sound better,however,I do agree with zd542,the cardas cable you have will need atleast 300 hours to break in!cheers!
The Golden cross Speaker cables are used cables . Surely they don'yt need 300 ours .?
I will keep my eyes peeled for some tara labs air 1 or JPs Superconductor 3 to try first
Cardas cables are sensitive to being moved around and hooked up. They take a while to stabilize in the system even if used and broken in. I am intrigued by the JPS cables! Golden Cross does a lot I like but it does have its flaws.
I have experienced how cables can alter sound, better, worse, and sometimes just different, but don't understand why someone would use cables that are more expensive than the equipment. Makes better sense to spend the money on better equipment.
The Golden cross Speaker cables are used cables . Surely they don'yt need 300 ours .?

Grey9hound: In my opinion---no, and I've previously owned both Cardas Golden Cross and Golden Reference.
Grey9hound & Tls49,
I think you may need try a pair of Solo Crystal Oval. They are in your price range Grey9hound and they are hard not to love. Try'll hear what I mean. You want great dynamics and bass slam correct? I use them between amp and preamp, as well as source to preamp. Sound best after a few days playing in your system. If you don't like them, they are easy to resell. Have fun!
Look for interconnects made with OCC copper or OCC silver, with teflon dielectric and gold- or silver-plated copper connectors. No brass. Some Neotech cables fit the bill, and Neotech is found in many high-end interconnects. Personally, I don't care for Cardas.
Waxwaves, Its funny that you say that . I am in the process of acquiring some of those . The deal should be done today . I will use them between the CD Player and Pre,first . If I really like them , i will try some from pre to amp. Thanks you .
Hi grey9hound,there is a used pair of Taralabs air 1 cables on the audiogon for sale for $450.00 or make offer,This is a very good cable for the money!,better than the solo crystal oval!,they are occ copper with teflon dielectric,I would offer $400.00 and bring them home!,remember,the EX version is alot better!,for the money of this used one,Its a good deal!
Late to the thread - jmcgrogan is absolutely right, I have tried looms before and was never as satisfied as mixing cables.
@Audiolabyrinth. I can't use XLR . Those are XLR. I need RCA.
Thanks for letting me know
Well it seems that the Golden CFross Speaker cables ,even used, require more playing time than i expected. They are sounding better now. Still a little Full sounding, but beleive it or not ,I am hearing more detail than with the Q10s . Symbols especially were setback or Recessed with the Q10s. That Frequency range is much better with the Golden cross speaker cables.
The other thing that i noticed is, that when i walk into another room ,away from the system , I can hear the Music much clearer, whereas with the Q10s the sound was not as clear in other areas of the house ,when you went out of the room. I could always hear the bass before but now vocals and other mid to high frequencies seem to travel farther with clarity .
I actually put the Q10s on the bottom of the speakers , since i am bi-amping and took the Synergistic #2 s out .
Then , since the Synergistics are banannas i have now put them on the botton With the Q10s ,since the q10s are spades ..... I am liking it . My sub is a SVS PB12 Plus/2. Great for movies but i prefer to play my music in Source Direct without a sub . My speakers are very capable, especially with those Synergistics on the bottom. I Haven't found anything better for the Bass.
I am still waiting on the deal for the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval interconnects .
Yersterday, i had worked out an agreement thru eamils with the seller on a price for them BUT today i have not gotten a response from the seller at all. ?????
Maybe they are trying to back out.? If so, then i would like to go for Some Tara Labs Air 1 interconects . I need 1 meter. I want to buy used and need RCA. If anyone knows of any ,please let me know .
Thanks to ALL for your help . This Forum has the Most Knowledgeable people , and I am VERY Grateful for that
Thanks Again,
Hey Dennis, glad everyone has been so helpful to you and you are enjoying the process of setting up a great sounding music system. These forums are a great place for aquiring advice from the most experienced and knowledgable enthusiasts! Sounds like you already have a good plan man. Don't give up too soon on the Solo Crystals, another pair will come around for you if you can't secure that pair. Try them in both positions(from source as well as between amp/preamp) to see which you like best. IMO, they are interconnects that one could put in the system and enjoy for life. Afterwards, you can forget about that part of your setup and spend the $ on new music, etc. Peace -Adam
@ grey9hound, Hi,Im sorry you did not specify what you needed,RCa,XLR,I will keep looking for you,I would be patient if I were you,and don"t buy something you will regret!,If you can get the funds,I would get the Tara Air One Ex version and be done with it!,Its a great cable to experience that will make you want to explore more exspensive cables from tara,Tara will not give you the problems most cables do,For instance,Nordost vahalla is a fine cable!,If you run all vahalla to everything there will be a degradation in sound performance!the vahalla has to be used properally!are your screwed!,you will not experiance nothing like that with taralabs!,all there cables are shielded on top of that,no Im am not a dealer,just somebody that has experience with alot of cables out there,25 years!
Here is a pair of Tara Labs The Two, which are higher up the line than the Air 1 series. I'm currently running a 2 meter pair of The One with grounding station, and they are eerily quiet background, as well as nicely musically balanced cables.
I have always wanted to demo both DH Labs & JPS cables/cords.
The deal on the Solo Crystal Ovals went through last night.
I will still try the Tara Labs Air 1 or 2 if i can find used . I do not want to pay want they go for new.
Jmcgrogan2 That link doesn't send me to any taralabs . I guess they are gone ?
It looks like the moderators took it down. It was an ad on another website, Sound Offers. $600 for a 1 meter pair of Tara Labs The Two interconnects. Note, there is a difference between Air 2 and The Two.
Oh BTW If anyone is Bi Amping. there is some Synergistic Research Signature #2 cables on Audiogon . They are the best that i have found for bass. they are specifically made for bass.
@Jmcgrogan2 I don't think the moderator took it down . It is not on Sound Offers anymore .
OOps i just checked and they were re-lsited 4 hours ago.
Whew they are pricey ! $1500 MSRP new asking $600
the listing does not specify the length
You might be surprised at what pricey cables can do for a sytem that is not high end mine . I bought the Golden Cross IC 4 Meter pair used ($300), sent them to Cardas ,had them Authenticated and cut up into 4 pairs.
And believe it or not i got the Golden Cross Speaker Cables 8 ft pair for ($500)
I just got lucky and keep my eyes peeled
Yeah, I saw that the $600 was at the upper end of your range, but they are good interconnects. They look like they are 1 meter, but you can e-mail him or call him, he lists his phone number. Since his ad already has expired and then re-posted at the same $600 price, I'm guessing if you make an offer for $500, you can probably have them if you want.
I just bough the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Ovals. They are brand new in the box ,so they will take considerable break in, from what i am hearing . I will try them first before i buy the Tara. Thanks for your help . I'll hope they are still there by then . If not I'll keep my eyes peeled.
@ jmcgrogan,we tried to steer him to a good cable like Taralabs!
Grey9hound, enjoy the new cables. :)

I just sold a pair of Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cables, they had many good tonal qualities, but their forward soundstage just wasn't my cup of tea. I know many who enjoy that 'immediacy', or feeling of being transported to the front row. I prefer a deeper, more 3-Dimensional soundstage. To each their own.
Hello there,another way would be to put in tara labs the one power cord.It was too bass heavy for my taste ,they are are reasonable price second hand.A fine power cord in its own right.The neighbors wouldn't like it.
@ grey9hound,Hi,I know you might not be in the market for speaker cables,we can fix the bad sound of the i/c you just settled for,There is a steal on the audiogon right now!,A 5ft pair of Taralabs The one speaker cables,this is the original the one speaker cables,they only look alot different than the ones they make now,the seller is asking $1,200.00,,, I would make offer for $1,000.00,, man-oman, if you bought these speaker cables for your system,you would have extreme bass slam,these speaker cables are 10 times better than the cardas cables you have in every way possible!,I would not hesatate on this situation!,at that price they will be gone quick!,I have a pair of 6ft taralabs the one speaker cables that are but a couple of months old and I will tell you if I wanted to sell them they would not leave my house for nothing less than$2,000.00 period!these are $3,400.00 for 6ft pair new!,and $4,200.00 for 8ft new!,If you respect my opinions at all,this is a first class recommendation if there ever was one!GO FOR IT! cheers!
@ grey9hound, As a matter a fact I have the Taralabs omega gold speaker cables on main system$24,000.00 a 8ft pair new!I use 6ft,well worth the price!,yes they make everything else sound subpar on my system!,they even sounded more real on my particular system than the nordost odin speaker cables!,the odin was a tiny bit faster with less vivid lifelike focus of the musicians in space,and the tara blew the doors off the odin with the bass and mid-range,and the clarity is about the same,the tara reveals more nuances period!,with dead silences between everything that is going on,to me,on my system,the tara was very real compaired to the nordost odin cable!
And , in the end , I may end up with the Tara . I am going to try this , and go from there . Thanks again
@Misternice, The One power cords do have a hump in the lower midrange/upper bass region, which is fine if that is what you are looking for. I do not use those cords though. However, The One cables do not have that 'hump' like The One power cords do.

@Audiolabyrinth, I like Tara Labs cables, but I don't have as much invested in them as you do. I am using one pair of their interconnects from preamp to power amp at this moment. I like it a lot, but I'm not trying to push them on anyone. Everyone likes different things, it's all good.

@Grey9hound, enjoy the Analysis Plus cables, they have a very nice tonality to them. I hope they make you happy.
Hi grey9hound, there is a pair of older taralabs the one on the gon now for$1,200.00 speaker cables that would give you alot of happiness,I would offer him a $1,000.00 and be done,this cable is alot better than the cardas you have!,they are 5ft cables,at this point I would make that work!,for 6ft this cable is $3,400.00,I have this same speaker cable 6ft,and it would not leave my house for no less than 2,000.00,its that good!,its on my second system!,this would really give you a good sound for bass slam,etc...,they are 10 times better than the cardas!Go FOR IT! cheers!
The sound of your system after inserting the new Solo Crystal Oval interconnects will probably change as the cables are burning in. They will be good out of the box, but it takes them some time to sound their best in my experience. In the end, it is well worth the wait! Just keep signal running through them for a couple weeks. One day soon you will walk into the listening room to a pleasant surprise. Enjoy.
@ jmcgrogan2,A pusher of a product is someone who makes money!,I on the other hand, make nothing!
I would love to try them, BUT, i have to have 8 (Eight) FEET LONG ,
Anyone else have experience with the Tara Labs The 1
Speaker cables ?
Thanks, again
If you find any 8 ft long , let me know .
To be Honest . The Golden Cross Speaker Cables are sounding Excellent now .
They finally opened up and don't sound nearly as congested as they did . Great highs, not at all bright, more extended than the Q10s (cymbals were very recessed with the Q10s). they are also less forward sounding than the Q10s. .
The bass may not be quite as good as with the Q10s. The mids are Great and that nasty sharp bite that i had in the lower highs or upper mids with Q10s is GONE.
Really good recordings sound awesome.
I will still give the Analysis Plus a try. They should be here by Wednesday , i hope .