Interconnect with good bass

I'm looking for an interconnect that's cheap and has great (read tight, extended, with good pitch) bass from the upper bass on down. I'll be using it to hook up my subs. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Try Discovery Essence. That's their reference interconnect. Absoloutely the best defined , pure, uncolored, and natural cables at any price less than $5000. They retail for about $800 for 0,5 meter and about $1100 for the 1 meter. The bass is expansive and well controlled. I'm using it in my system that has a Thor pre-amp feeding Lamm M2.1 amps and driving Kharma Ceramique 1 speakers (I'm also using Discovery Reference speaker wires with Bybee speaker filters) using the Electrocompanient CD player as the source. Just pure magic Baby!!!! good luck but I would give them a try, I'm sure Joe at Discovery would be more than glad to have you try them
Hi. The Tara labs RSC cables have excellent, tight bass, with very good pitch definition. They are also quick sounding, which is important with subs. I have used, to good effect, the Reference MKII and the Master MKII, but the other cables in the RSC line have similiar triats. There are other cables out there, but they cost a bit more, and you mentioned cheap. (-: Regards, Bill M. manufactures and sells a cable cable Bass Euphoria. You might want to look into it. They seem reasonably priced. I believe they recommend this cable for subwoofers only.
CARDAS!!! Very good bass cable. Very good bass damping too.
You might want to try this company called 'the cable company'. I know some people who have had good dealings with them. They buy and sell used + new cables. They also have a big database of cables for system matching. Johnl.
You didn't state how much you are willing to spend on the interconnects you want, so I'll provide some less expensive options. I have used Kimber Kable products for years, and think their better wire (8TC and up) do a very nice job with bass reproduction. There is also a new company named "BetterCables" that custom-builds cables. I have purchased several different types of cable from them, and been very pleased with their quality. The company has a Web site at:
If you believe Malcoml Omar Hawksford, whose "Essex Echo" article was reprinted in Stereophile within the past couple of years, you'll believe that Kimber, Tara and most other "name brand" makers pay no real attention to "skin effect", and if you've listened only to cables like theirs, you won't know what a coherent cable sounds like. Cardas is better in this respect, but his use of three different gauges hurts his cables, IMHO, since two will be simply too thick. The only cable I know that gets this right, beside expensive Audio Note, is the very affordable Stealth, which come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It would hurt me to think of your spending big money on Discovery, Tara, Kimber, or the like, before at least giving Stealth a try. Another point: will good bass do you much good if other aspects are poor?
Thanks for the good tips. What I mean by cheap is less than $100 for a 1M pair, used. I will be using them to connect to my custom made subs for my Apogee Mini Grands (subs take the place of the normal, Apogee designed subs). The subs are basically "re-skinned" Velodyne FSR-12s. The x-over is a custom design I've done and has 24 DB per octave high/low pass slopes. That is why I'm only interested in the interconnects quality below say 120 HZ. My main criteria is for the cable to sound tight and quick. I can adjust it's level, so its response relative to the rest of the spectrum is unimportant. I am not adverse to rolling my own cable if anyone has done that as well. I can also use the cable as hookup wire inside the low pass section of the x-over. Thanks and keep the tips coming.
Just want to say thanks for all the advice, especially the lead for Jeff's sound values. I ordered a 3M pair for something like $120, cheap by audiophile standards. They arrived promptly. They sounded a bit thin at first but after over 70 hrs of break in they have really come on line. Quick, tight, powerful and extended. Highly recommended for low to upper bass applications.
Get HT Truthlink for $125 1m used here at Audiogon, should see one soon if you are patient, big cable that delivers the goods, great sound/cost ratio. Cardas produces powerful bass if you get Cross or Gold Cross, will cost more than $100 used though, and Truthlink is more balanced overall.
I got an awesome interconnect for you. Its called Custom House cables. These interconnects are so natural sounding. I'm using them. They cost 99 dollars a meter. Here's there website. Thanks. [email protected]
i have decent response from my tara rsc prime 1000. that being said, i'm interested in any info on bass response from analysis-plus' 9-gauge copper cable. a bit more than $100/m, i think, but not out-of-this-world, like some cables... thanks, doug
i use straight wire symphonys, y connecter, with 2 6meter cables retails for about 200 dollars. changed the way my sub sounded really moves air,goes much deeper, tighter.