interconnect upgrade Question

So I am a simple man. Manley labs Jumbo Shrimp paired with the wonderful mahi's. To round it all off is Music Hall's MMf-7. Oh ya Zu Audio Soul Super-fly... I have the top of the line speaker cable from ZU, my interconnects are all hand me downs. So I want to replace them all with out spending a ton of cash.. I would love some ideas...... Thanks!!
I'd look at Blue Jeans Cable. Very well made, and they do the job. But I'm not much for cables.
get on decware and try their silver ribbon interconnects 179/m Decware .com
One cable company that has a great reputation is Stereovox. Chris has been in the business a long time (Kimber D-60) and makes very good cables at a reasonable price.

No brainer,go for ZU-best deal in audio.Stereovox is a winner too but no better and costs more.I own both.
I pair up the Manley Steelhead to the EL84 powered DecWare ZenSelect amp and it's very nice when wired up with Nordost Heimdall IC and speaker wires.

Since you have some ZU wires already, why not Zu IC's?
Mapleshade interconnects and speaker cables. I now use them and they are superb. Plus 30 day money back if you don't like 'em.
Check out Anti-Cables.

Okay, here are some ideas!

Mogami Gold Studio (Neglex 2534)
Mogami Gold AES/EBU (Neglex 3173)...just tried this -- looks like I'll be getting more :-)

The above are all XLR IC's.

i suggest listening to many cables to find that which pleases you. as has been said, the cable company has a large selection. i'm not sure what their terms are for home auditions.
I'd give a look at the soon-to-be-released Black Cat Morpheus XL speaker cables. They're dynamite and significantly more linear and extended than my Blue Jeans cables. Drop Chris a note on his site if you're interested.