Interconnect up-grade?

I've been using the old Audioquest "Truth...Opal 3x" for interconnects for 15 years. But I'm now upgrading most of the system and would like to go with more modern technology and take a step or two upwards in quality without totally breaking the bank.

The system is Mccormack stem to stern (SST, DAC, TLC, DNA and micro phono drive). Cables are AQ "Gibraltar". Shunyata Hydra and ac cords complete the array.

Suggestions would be most welcome
Paul Speltz's Anti-cables.
If you would like economical thin flexible easy to use superlative IC's (including incredible digital IC) then consider
Auricle Audio Design
from Audiogon member
Can also do google search for his website, and phone number.
If you are replacing everything, go for a package deal from a very nice guy whose ideas sound great in practice, not just on paper.
There is no unanimity among all Audiogon members which means ultimately you should try in your own system at least one analog and one digital IC to have your initial "WOW" experience, then go from there based on your personal experience.
Check with Joe by phone to get the best advice.
yeah, there has been a lot of improvements to cables in the past 15 years. Lots of new science and technology in this regard. Just as an example, they are now using Copper, Silver and yes, even sometimes both in the same cables. What a change, I can't even remember what materials they used in cables 15 years ago. JK ;-)

Thanks everyone for your replies. Very helpful indeed.
I think I've come around to staying with AQ but trading up to
"Columbia" interconnects with their battery gadget. I use
AQ Gibraltar cables (with gadget) for my Thiels and am quite pleased.

I could not tell you what the battery does despite elaborate explanations by AQ
But I love the sound with the basic cable.

Thanks again for all your help.
I've owned the AQ line of interconnects, Give the Morrow MA1 a try before upgrading and you'll be surprised!
Those AQ Opal cables still sound pretty good. I have a pair over here as a spare. You might want to compare to some loaner cables before you start buying new - maybe consider The Cable Co. loaner program. Just because a cable is subjectively "better" doesn't mean you will like it better in your system.