Interconnect to tame bright sounding CDP

What would be a good pair of interconnect for a bright
sounding CDP. I have a Cary 303/200 that is a bit bright
in my system. It may improve after it is completedly broken in but I doubt it will improve much. I am looking for a good pair of interconnect in the $500.00 - $700.00 range.
I would appreciate your recommendation.
Get another CD player (that you enjoy the sound of).
Relax, my man. The Cary neither bright (nor neutral). If it doesn't calm down, there's a problem that either can not or should not be solved with anti-bright cables. Good luck.
Assuming there's nothing wrong with your CDP and you really just want a cable recommendation, I would urge you to consider Cardas Golden Cross. It has a soft, warm sound with deep black backgrounds. It could fit your requirements. It is available used on Audiogon at or below your price range. If you buy used and don't like it, you should be able to resell it without taking a big hit on price. Good luck.
I agree with Ohlala. I have a Cary 303/200 and if anything its on the warm side. Give it 200 hours. If it still sounds bright I'd look elsewhere.
i would suggest the discovery plus 4 or essence.

they are on the "slightly" warm side of neutral but images well and allows the detail to come through.

the cardas can sound a little thick and midbassy imo.

the discovery plus 4 is $200 meter ( $600 orig) and the essence is $250 meter( $800 orig)

hope that helps,

If (especially after reading these posts) you want to hear what your Carey is supposed to sound like, I highly recommend the Harmonix Golden Performance ICs. I realize they are more than you want to spend, but if you can swing/rationalize (we audiophools have been here before, yes?) them, they will, allow your cdp to happen. Sounds like you should be hearing wonderful things from your cdp. The Harmonix will do it, BIG TIME. You may never need another IC again. Since they are so new, you never see them used. Probably won't for a long while. They are that good. peace, warren
You need an aftermarket powercord such as Virtual Dynamics, as well as many other great ones to consider.

I am currently using Van Den Hul D102 MkIII cables.
I've read somewhere that they can be bright sounding though I dont' really know. I appreciate all your feedbacks.
Andy, I have the same VdH ICs from my phono stage to amp. They are not at all "bright" in my opinion. What is the rest of your system? Amp, speakers, speaker cables?
If your room is acoustically bright, you should look for room treatment. Cardas is usually more laid-back and good for bright system.

The rest of my system is:

Audio Refinement pre-2dsp (surround sound processor and pre)
Audio Refinement Multi 5 amp
Spendor S8
Harmonic Technology Pro9+

I am not sure why but maybe I am sensitive to bright sounding equipment. I intentionally use the spendor since they are very laid back especially on the treble.

With the Cary, it's not really the bright treble that bothers me, sometimes there seems to be a type of sound that manifest themselves into sounding almost like static noise.
I don't think it comes from the cdp because it only comes on during a musical passage that has a lot of high frequency contents. There also quite a bit of sibilance on the femail vocal, but it could be just extra details from the player.
I used to have a Nad541i and it rolls off the high frequency more.
Some static noise and sibilance could be a speaker driver problem.

Getting back to the "brightness," I can't see what in your system would necessarily cause that. I'm with Bluefin in thinking that some room treatments might be in order.
Yor problem is obvious. All anyone has to do is look at your system components. You lack proper noise filtration and digital needs excellent noise filtration in oder to be non fatiguing. Search the archives and work this out.
I was in dialogue with someone on audiogon who owned the same cd player/transport and with the same problem. I suggested him to get a CEC transport to go with the dac he was using, and the problem with went away.
Try Audience cables.
I tend to agree with PA. I use the Audio Magic Eclipse which I'm mad about. There are, certainly, others out there that will do the job on your digital. The Shunyata Hydra and Sound Application are also excellent choices. You can (there's one on the 'gon for sale) get an AM Mini Digital. That, with an excellent power cord, should do it.
Why dont you just fix the sound of the CDP? Get it modded.
With all the suggestions on modding, I wonder if anyone has ever heard of a warranty? Besides the warranty issue, there are equipment manufacturers who will not even touch a repair on their own equipment once it has been substantially reworked by a 3rd party. The mod route could be the best answer sonically, but make certain you have checked with your manufacturer and have a strategy in place for future repairs and parts before you go this route.