Interconnect synergy with McCormack

I just picked up a McCormack TLC pre to go with my DNA125, thank you Jeff, and would like to hear from anyone re their experience with a good interconnect for the pair. I've a parcel of various older cables and would like to upgrade. BTW using a NAD 545 CD advice there would also be appreciated.

I've read alot of review on RCA's and settled on Acoustic Zen Reference Matrix II's, benefits of copper and silver. They retail for $500 but you can find them used for half the price. Worth every penny IMHO. They sell very quickly when posted and you can always sell them back on Agon. I tried lesser expensive IC's and I've concluded that you get what you pay for and a step up in price equates to a step up in performance.
For connecting a CDP to the McCormack TLC-1 I've used My Audio Cables Velvet ICs Then to connect the TLC-1 to various amps I've used in my system I use Esoteric Musica 600 ICs. All sounded good to my ears and in my system.

Take care.