interconnect suggestions for Unison Research Unico


I have a Unison Research Unico hybrid that I am using to power a pair of PBN Montana SP III fullrange speakers. The Montanas have been described by Barry Willis of Stereophile as being slighly on the cool side of neutral and very "revealing." Also, I am using Kimber Kable 8TC/4TC in a biwire configuration (8TC on the lows and 4TC on the high freq. terminals). These cables have also been described as neutral or even "bright", although I wonder about using that adjective. Anyway, I would appreciate any suggestions from other Unico owners on the type of interconnects that are being used in a "similar" system. I was thinking about the following possibilities:

1) Kimber Kable Silver Streak
2) Harmonic Technology Prosilway mk II
3) Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Ovals
You don't mention if you like your current sound or what you're hoping to achieve with the new IC's. Your listed choices would seem to indicate that you don't find your system "bright", and want resolution above any "warmth". I've found that the best IC's in my system(including a Unico) are VH Audio Cryoed Pulsars. They cost less than your listed choices and come with a home trial period. They do, however, require a long burn-in time to sound their best(200+ hours).