Interconnect Suggestions?

Just got a Bluesound Node 2i, it has worked superbly on my wifi grid, and I’m really enjoying it but I know the the supplied RCA interconnects need a significant upgrade-replacement.  What would be a really synergistic, sub $200 U.S. approx 1 meter pair of L&R RCA type interconnects for this unit to hook up to a PrimaLuna Prologue Classic integrated which is feeding JBL L65s?  A DAC is on my “to get” list so I’d like to get interconnects that would be commensurate with what could be switched to the DAC>PrimaLuna role in the future......Had been looking at a Schiit Bifrost 2 but back to browsing now.  Certainly won’t be going more upscale than a Qutest with this setup in any eventuality...

Thanks in advance.
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Blue Jean's Cables or Signal Cables. Both very good and very affordable.

These cables won't do well for digital. For Node2i to DAC you'll need a S/PDIF digital coax cable for best SQ. 

@lg1 I am running a PrimaLuna EVO300i as well. When I had the Bluesound I was using a Cardas cable. The Bluesound is a great piece for the price but it does have a little grit on the edges of upper mid to high and I found the Cardas did smooth that out a little. I can whole heartedly recommend the Qutest. When I added a Qutest I couldn't believe what I was missing in the music, as good as the Node2i was the Qutest just opened up the music so much more. The qutest was a stretch for me but it worth every penny.
+1, what jmphotography said.  

Several friends with Node/2i units who all added step-up external DACs and really good digi coax cables with notable benefits with added musical enjoyment. Yes, various threads out there on this topic.