interconnect suggestions

Am hooking up a tuner to my system but not sure which direction to go in for interconnects. Currently using Audioquest Columbias on my other gear. Trying to stay under $200.00 and always interested in hearing others opinions or suggestions. Thanks and Merry Christmas.
I use Blue Jeans @$30 a meter w/my Accuphase T100 and I do not feel that it gets in the way at all. Most broadcast signals do however (get in the way of SOTA sound which would justify better IC's) so I don't reach for the moon.
I use Blue Jeans too and have no complaints.

Aside from good sound I want a cable that is not prone to
interference from broadcast and others...
I use Anti-Cables with great results. They can make a double shielded set for you (they did for me at no extra charge) I a,b,ed the double shielded and the regular one. The sound is just a wee bit closed in on the double shielded on, but you wouldn't know that if you didn't a,b them side by side. I found that the original one was dead silent, and I returned the double shielded one.
Joe Mazzaglia's Auricle Encore interconnects are very good value. I use a set from tuner to preamp myself.
PNF Audio ICON.... best cable I've ever used. Try 'em and you won't be sorry!