Interconnect Suggestion between Audio Valve Conductor preamp and Challenger 150 power amp

Hi all,

I recently bought a set of Audio Valve Conductor preamp and Challenger 150 power amp, and needs a pair of interconnect in between them. The dealer lends me a pair of Organic Reference. The following is the details of my system:

Music Server: Innuos Zenith MK3
Streamer: Auralic Aries G2
Dac: Auralic Vega G2
External Clock: Auralic Leo GX
Preamp: Audio Valve Conductor
Powamp: Audio Valve Challenger
Speaker: Artos Audio Sunrise

Interconnects: KS Elation (Dac->Pre); Organic Ref (Pre->Pow)
Speaker Cable: Organic Ref.
Power Cables: TCI (Music Server); Streamer (Argento Flow); Dac (Wilsons' Audio Lab); Clock (Acoustic Revive Triple); KS Realization (Pre); Organic Ref (Pow).

You didn't say if you liked the Organic Reference you were lent. Since they are your speaker cable also you must feel they are good cables. If you're not happy what are you looking for soundwise you're not getting? It's unlikely anyone here will have the exact preamp/amp combo Audio Valve is a bit on the esoteric side nice looking gear though.
Interesting fact, interconnects work exactly the same regardless of which components they're connected to. Its not the components that matter. Its the listener.
@millercarbon I can't imagine you are trying to say all cables sound the same? Seems odd considering your love of various tweaks.
@cykeric How  do you like the Conductor. I presently have the Eklipse and want to upgrade to conductor. I am also interested in audio Valve Baldur 300 + mono block, not much review on them. I don't have the opportunity  to listen to one.