Interconnect & Speaker Cables for tube amp?

I have just purchased a brand new pair of KR Enterprise top of the line KR8000 monoblocs and need help regaridng ICs and speaker cables. I'm looking for warm, detailed and silky smooth sound. My current IC is Music Metre silver and speaker cable is Cardas Golden Ref. Compared to the same system, except for Sim Audio I-5 instead of the KR8000, the sound now is too bright and aggressive. When I replaced the Cardas speaker cables (worth around 2k)with a $75 Audio Note AN-D, the sound is much smoother and acceptable. So please I want value for money. My budget is $1000 for the cables. Can anyone advise me on Audio Note silver cables?Many thanks.
You might look into Demarzio cables.They are not well known,(the same man of guitar pickup fame)but from our demos with them they certainly stand up very well to some highly tauted expensive ones.You can go to his website at and read all about them.We were so impressed we became a dealer for him.
Lall, those are some of the best amps i've heard. What speakers do you have?
-Trying the low buck audio note suggests you are pretty open minded so... I'm a bang for the buck guy who also listens to a lot of life music and has a lot of yeas playing live music. The former hype childern Harmonic Technology cables are actually pretty darn good. Pro-9s for the speakers, truth links from the CD (the Pro Silways are real glaring here) have Silways between my phono preamp and the tube preamp but my phono pre is pretty sad and the table isn't all that detailed either so they may be glary in that location with a better front end, I couldn't say. I have 5 M Truth links between the amps, VTL tube monos, and the pre, VTL 5.5. I had pro silways in the amp-pre run before i had to switch to the 5m cables and I thought that was probably a little better in terms of openness and detail of the bass but the system need the truth linc at the CD to balance things out. I must admit i haven't tried a million cables so there may be better out there but these sound pretty neutral and I'd rather listen than fidget with cables.
How long have you had your amps? Are you sure they are broken in. I just purchased the KR Antares and I also am redoing cables. For speaker I am going to be using the Belden 89259 speaker cable purchased from Bolder Cable Co as I have these in another system using some Khorns and they sound very nice, I was also using the Goertz TQ1 silver IC's that I have recently sold and was using their Silver speaker cables. In my opinion the silver IC's and speaker cables although very clear, just seem a bit to loud for my liking anymore. Its not that they are bright and etchy, its just they are not warm and relaxing. I have decided to go with the Bolder Cable Type 2 interconnects which are from the Jon Risch design and they will match up very well with the speaker cables.They will be arriving in a couple of days and I understand Wayne of Bolder Cables just purchased a cable cooker so you don't have to wait so long for cables to break in. If you want email me and we'll talk
I followed Harvey Rosenberg's advice on interconnects and speaker cables and am very happy with the result. I used 22ga. magnet winding solid copper wire in polyethelene oversize tubing to get mostly air dielectric for my speaker cables. I used 30ga. of the same type wire in a configuration described on Tweaker's Asylum for the interconnects. Consists of a polyethelene tube wrapped with teflon tape and the wire wrapped in a double helix pattern around the tube and then covered with teflon tape again with RCAs soldered on both ends. Sounds great with my Berning OTL and single driver speakers. I used the extra $980 to buy music. Good luck.