Interconnect Recommendations

What interconnects would you recommend for my system? I have a Cary CDP-1 and planning on getting a Bryston 4BSST amp. My speakers will be Audio Physic Virgos. Price range $200-$500 maximum.
Maybe a used pair of FMS Microwave 2. or the more expensive Nexus line.
Look up the reviews on the JPS Labs Superconductor FX or a used pair of Superconductor 2 interconnects. They are incredibly clear, dynamic, rich and natural-sounding cables. Amazingly better than the KImber (copper & silver), Tara LAbs, Silver Audio, and Analysis Plus I've owned.
Stereovox HDSE
VH Audio Pulsar
Audience AU24

Purchased used, all three are outstanding values ranging from $75-$250/pair. Your only task is choosing the sound you prefer.
Get a used pair of Acoustic Zen silver Reference two's. Currently there's a pair under 5 on Audiogon. This cable has been favorably compaired to the Nordost Valhalla. Robert Lee really knows his stuff. These will show off the detail of your Bryston amp without harsh glare. I have Classe amps and Pipedream speakers and the Ref 2 is ideal. Rca or ballanced, they perform as advertised. Do a search on Audiogon with the word zen and check out the prices. Even if you don't like them, you can unload them for what you paid for them. They're popular!

Lot of opinions here. My vote goes to the Pure Note Paragon. Lots of reviews on Agon about these. They have a holiday sale which ends in a few days. I snapped up a bunch. FWIW,
I second Rich's recommendation of the AZ Silver Ref. II's, which are excellent. You should be able to find them used within your budget.