Interconnect recommendations

I'm looking for a good interconnect to go between my EAR 834P phono amp any my Well Tempered Classic TT. It's got to be at least 1.5 meters and under $400. Amy suggestions?
Second hand? I like Transp Ref if you can find it at the price...Audioquest Diamond is a classic and well below your budget. Good luck.
VPI makes an excellent phono IC
Try an offering from Signal Cable. I use one of their Silver Resolution phono cables and find it very satisfying. It's the only silver cable I've tried that isn't tizzy sounding in mt analog rig. As always, YMMV.
Tpreaves +1
I also own their Silver Resolution and it is very good.
Zu Mission phono IC. Direct from Zu under your price target. Sometimes on Zu's EBay store for even less.
I would check to see if you can still get Black Mountain Pinnacle ICs. I am using them for both my analog and digital front ends and I prefer them to some much more expensive ICs that I own. They seem to be extrememly well balanced and just plain musical. They sound good.
I'm a bit biased because the manufacturer is a friend, but Tel-Wire makes very good cables.

I am reminded of Reuben Mattus who was the founder of the ice cream company, Häagen-Dazs. Someone once asked his secret for making ice cream. His response was a simple one, "Use good stuff." Tel-Wire uses good stuff. :)
Who is Amy? Seriously, nobody can help you here. Selecting cables is system dependant and of course subject to your personal taste. Try The Cable Company's cable library. They also have used and demo cables if you are looking for a deal.
I like Zu as well. They are very low in capacitance, yet tonally well-balanced and not aggressively bright.
I will look into these, thanks. The $400 max is flexible and included looking at second-hand goods. As for Amy. Doesn't everyone know her?
Mogami 2549 with whatever connectors you want makes a great RCA cable. Go 2534 for balanced. You can have some 2549 made up at Pro Audio LA (not affiliated) for less than $50.
I'm about to hook up Purist Audio Museaus to my Simplex. I'll post my findings next week. I loved these cables in my old system... assuming they'll be great in the new one too.
I second the PAD museums recommendation . I would Los suggest buying a cable of interest and if it isn't your cup of tea, selling it vs "the cable company."
Auditorium-23, used.