Interconnect RCA Cables between Preamp to Poweramp

Does it matter what kind of RCA cables connect between preamp to poweramp?
I tried it with Andioquest Golden gate and my older cables like XLO Signature 3. They both sound pretty much the same. I wonder if I use a pure solid silver cable will hear a difference?

Anyone heard of zavfino cables from Canada?
So, I come to your house with $100,000 worth of cables, give you the spiel of how great they are, backed up by all the “white papers” all presented in exotic hardwood boxes, you are impressed.  While I’m there, I’ll disparage all the cables you currently own.  I’ll install these impressive cables while waxing poetically about how the emotions of the artist are freed for the first time ever.  Then before we listen, I divulge all the famous people who have dumped their cables for my brand.

Now, I have you all primed for the best listening experience of your life.

Here is the fun part.  The music sounds like crap.  I know it, and you know it.  However, neither of us is willing to admit to it.  Because of the exorbitant price and my eloquent presentation you are likely to express a very positive response to my demonstration even though you are not emotionally involved in the music.  You then try to rationalize the disconnect between what you are hearing and the pedigree of my cables.  This could be the “accuracy “ axiom.  For the first time ever, you are hearing exactly what is in the recording.  But ???

The reality comes down to this, my cables really are the best but only in my system and for my ears.  
Very few questions such as yours, have ever or will ever have a consistent consensus of OPINION.  Therefore, research those products within your budget and try as many as you can.

Remember, different is different, not necessarily better.  Give the Zafino a try and listen.  My opinion or anyone else’s is ultimately irrelevant to your question regarding a cable brand.  
I hope this short analogy helps with your question.

ps I’m not a cable manufacturer.

I like Silnote cables.Well made and reasonably priced. Silver will emphasize the leading edges and highs and copper is warmer. I think Silnote achieves both without leaning too far either way.
As a matter of personal taste since I have mostly tubed components, I have a mixture of silver and copper throughout.ZenWave ribbon are my favorite silver cables.
@rhljazz,   I just placed the order last night.  They shipped it out today.  Once I get it next week,  I will test it out and report.
I’m looking to upgrade my rca I/C. Read the raves about Teos here. Sounded too good to be true for the price - and it was in my system, My xlo sig 3 are significantly better than the Teo. The Teos were closer to the MIT sl 26 I use in a second system. Just one listener’s experience.