Interconnect question for Naimies

I have a CD5 and have the same problem all Naim owners do - DIN - so what is the forum's opinion on which cable best suites this player (linked to a ML Ref 32 preamp), recognizing that the cable manufacturer will have to special order a DIN-RCA/XLR connection for me?
I have tried Chord Chrysalis, that came with the CD5 and a Nordost Red Dawn. Some of the larger cables, eg Nordost Valhalla, cannot be "DINned". I believe Dominus has done so for one member, but apparently Jim Auld is not crazy about doing this. Any other suggestions/experiences? Silver Audio and Synergistic Reserach will do a custom Appassionata and Designer Fx. I love the CD5 sound but am not crazy about the Chord. Trouble is, you cant audition them, as when they're done, they're yours.
I had the same dilemma as you as Naim recommend DIN terminations.

As I was so skeptical, I had to try both ways to see actually what they are recommending has any validity.

I've tried DIN terminated Chord Crysalis and Cobra 2 on various spots in the system. When RCA are used off the Naim source ( I own CDX2/XPS2 ) is used with non Naim preamp/amp, actually my regular ICs ( NBS ) worked better than either of Chords recommended by NANA. Luckly, XPS2 has a set of RCA out so, I did not have to use DIN/RCA adaptors for this. ( Cardas and Chord both make those )

So, I'd think that as long as you are using ML, you can still experiment with ICs off your Naim source. ( there are lot better ones out there than Chords as they sound pretty mundane in most non-Naim systems I've tried. ) Which ICs are the best for your system depending on what you are looking for.

It's when I start adding more Naim electronics, Chord came out of ahead of my normal cables. I still do not use Naim amplifiers ( use Jota monoblocs with XLR inputs ), but the connection between Naim preamp and amplifiers, DIN/XLR Chord Cobra 2 was more truthful to the Naim sound I love leaving NBS rather disjointed in the system. They, too do not terminate their cables with DIN, so, I had to use Chord DIN/XLR adaptor for this experiment. I've a feeling not too many manufacturers are keen to the idea of DIN terminations. Audience, Cardas, Kimber and Nordost offer those, however.

Get a DIN/RCA/XLR adaptor and you can still audition various cables as you do with any other gear.

I believe also, Naim will fit RCA outs for a charge. If you are planning to keep CD5, might be worth it to have it done since no adaptors would be better.
Hi Springbok,
A comment from the uk - I am not a big Naim fan but all my mates are - to a man they all swear by Kimber KCAG between their cd players & amps (all NAIM).Russ Andrews does this in the uk so it's obviously workable.
As they upgrade to newer Naim gear it still sounds the bizz.
Nordost doesn't work & anyone saying Naim cable is 'state of the art' is living in CK land.
Best of Luck !
Thanks for your responses. Where do I get a DIN-XLR adaptor? Direct from Cardas, Audience, Kimber or Chord?
You can order Cardas adaptor contacting Cardas direct.
For chord, contact NANA. ( Naim Audio North America )

sorry, havent dealt with Kimber or Audience. Your best bet is call 'em directly.
Naim cables are anywhere near SOTA. They just recently started to offer various cable choices including Burndys. ( unbilical cord that connects between head unit and power supply )

I don't have a direct dealing with their power amplifiers but I think speaker leads still require a certain electrical characteristics as their power amps are designed to work with a specific cable load.

But for IC, one can go still nuts on selection as newer Naim now offers RCAs. I'd think Kimber KCAG would be much too much bright for my taste but that's me.