Interconnect question, balanced and single ended?

Would there be any problem in using an interconnect that is balanced on one end and rca on the other? My Classe cd player has balanced outputs while my Sim integrated amps is single ended.. Any advice or problems with this set-up?
I'm surprised the Classe doesn't have both XLR and RCA. If it does offer both--then just use the RCA--but if that were the case then you probably wouldn't have asked this question. You can go XLR to RCA pretty easily. I would recommend that your interconnects be relatively short (less than 2 meters). All you have to do is use one of the hot leads (positive polarity) and the ground from the balanced end to the RCA. To check the pin configuration it should be in the Classe Manual. If not you can call Classe and find out the pin configuration. The polarity is reversed on some manufacturers units--I don't know about Classe.

Also, there are adaptors made for this, but I know little about these--perhaps someone else knows about the adaptors.
Well the two are different connections are different internally, as well as externally. You can buy an adapter to switch from one to the other, but I've had mixed results with that method (as far as recording equipment goes...I've never tried it with audio equipment).

If your amp isn't balanced, you're probably better off using the single-ended RCA outputs from the preamp (I assume it has them?) and keeping everything consistent. An adapter probably won't sound better and it may be much worse.
Thanks for the imput.. To clarify a little bit, I have the option of purchasing a very good pair of interconnects that are balanced on one end and rca on the other.. I was curious if this configuration would degrade sound quality? I normally would not consider this type of interconnect if it were not for the reasonable price.. has good quality Neutrik XLR-to-RCA and vice versa adaptors at about $10 a piece. With such an amount of money I guess it does no harm to try......
I have used such interconnects in my system for years and in the showroom with no loss in sound quality. I use the Red Rose and First Sound Preamps that are rca only and the Pass 600's and Nemo's are xlr only so I have had interconnects such as Synergistic, nordost, and electraglide with rca and xlr's with no problem.