Interconnect length

I have a new Rega P1 coming in the mail. To hook it up to my system, I will probably need more interconnect length, so I will use an additional 3m interconnect (a decent one) to connect the P1 to my Rega Fono pre. So my question is: is this total length (3m plus the length of the interconnect that is part of the P1) too long, and will it significantly and negatively impact the sound?
no way you can put the phono pre close to your table then run the 3 m interconnect?

This is on the high side, it's hard to say whether it'll be "significant" with out trying it both ways.

Sorry it's not more of a definitive answer...
I have a killer interconnect that's only 0.5m, so this way I can run the longer one from the TT to the pre, and the better but shorter interconnect from the phono pre to my preamp. Though I guess I could just put the phono pre closer to the TT and eliminate the better interconnect. Would that be better?
Less connections are better, especially if your going to have to use the lesser quality cable anyway. Plus if you have to use RCA jumpers you get another connection and more degrading of sound quality.
If you are using a moving magnet cartridge, such as the Ortofon OM5e which that turntable commonly comes with, you will almost certainly have your upper treble rolled off due to the capacitance of what will be 12 feet or more of cable, as well as the capacitance of the rca adapters. (Moving coil cartridges are pretty much insensitive to load capacitance).

You would also probably be increasing considerably the amount of noise that will be picked up by the long cable, which will then be amplified by your phono stage, making it MUCH more audible than a similar amount of noise picked up by a high level interconnect.

Bottom line: Keep phono cables as short as possible!

-- Al
From my searches on this topic, the consensus is that if you really need to have a long interconnect, it is better to have it between the preamp and amplifier.


Thanks. Very helpful.
You're welcome.

You can further read about it here. Various cable manufactures were asked similar questions by Positive Feedback Online.


Do take "manufacturer recommendations" and related source information with just a little skepticism. Technically, they know their stuff better than anybody, but there is a conflict of interest.

Since cables and length are such hotly debated items, I'd do some research through "common sense" lenses and don't discount what you actually hear.
I agree with that and I have to add that I can confirm that after playing with home-made cables, Nordost and Sterevox Reference cables, the short interconnect between the phono stage and preamplifier makes a much bigger improvement than in any other place in my audio system.


I agree with Mr. Sanchez.
I have had similar results.