Interconnect Inductance vs. Capacitance

How do the inductance and capacitance of ICs impact the sound? I have seen some ICs that have low inductance but high capacitance. On the other hand, some ICs have high inductance but low capacitance. One manufacturer even claims that his higher models have higher capacitance.

So can someone explain to me how they impact the sound?

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You can try cables through The Cable Company for a fee. I did that once but don't remember the cost. It wasn't much.

I've had cables from Harmonic Technology then Cardas Neutral Reference. I tried Blue Jeans 3 meter balanced and could not hear a difference between them and the Cardas. I sold the Cardas. Then I bought some Speltz 3 meter balanced that I'm currently using. I think they might sound a bit better than the BJC in my system but it is very subtle. I highly recommend Blue Jeans Cable. They are so reasonably priced, the people there seem to know a lot about cables and are so free of hype - they just tell it like it is. I found it refreshing.