Interconnect Help--CJ, Wadia & JM Labs

Help. I'm trying to connect my Wadia 850 directly into my Prem. 11a. My Prem. 11a is currently connected to my JM Labs Mezzo's with Transparent Reference Musicwaves. I'm debating between Transparent Reference Musiclink and Kimber KCAG interconnects. Any thoughts/suggestions? Also, my Wadia is true balanced and my CJ is not--is there any point to using balanced interconnects out of the Wadia into the CJ via an RCA adaptor? Or is that just a waste of time/effort? Thanks.
I used Kimber KCAG wire (called AGSS) for many years in a braid like KCAG's, and I now have well over 100' of this wire just sitting around, because after trying Stealth CWC and CWR interconnects, see, I came to realize that this Kimber wire is good for no audio purpose. The touching multistrands are bad too, but the main problem is that its strands are just too thick. Skin effect is a bigger problem than most people realize. Stealth comes wih a 30-day money-back guarantee, so trying them costs you only shipping, minor for interconnects. More evidence against AGSS: I have a high quality passive preamp that I had internally wired with AGSS, and it sounded LOTS better when I replaced it with single strands of Stealth wire as used in the CWS (cros-wrapped silver) interconnect. If you give Stealth cables a try, I'm sure you'll be glad you did.
I have used Kimber KCAG wire in my system with excellent results. In my system I find it very detailed and accurate. As far as using RCA adaptors, I had a balanced amp and a single ended preamp, I tried the adaptors and found no improvement and maybe a little loss with the adaptors. As always, this can be system dependent. Good luck.
Have you considered AQ Lapis silver? I use them on my Wadia 830 and really like the results. Very close to AQ Diamonds and much better than Emeralds. I have an extra pair for sale here if you're interested. I hear Stealth cables work well too...good luck!
IN trying different CJ amp + preamp combinations,using wadia 860 and resolution audio cd 50 CD players,I've have EXCELLENT results with ANALYSIS PLUS,oval 9 speaker cable and silver oval interconnects.VERY FAIRLY PRICED and definetly REFERENCE CALIBER CABLE.