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I'm wondering if someone may be able to offer me some insight. I am very happy with my current system - Bryston 4B ST, Manley Shrimp, Classe CDP 10, KEF 104/2, and Harmonic Tech cables. This past weekend I hooked up a spare cd player (NAD 521BEE) and really enjoyed how the soundstage moved farther out from my speakers than with my Classe unit. The sound was well in front of the speakers with the NAD rather than almost being flush with the speakers with the Classe. I used a cheap interconnect with the NAD as well. I'm wondering if it has more to do with the CD player itself of if an interconnnect change on the Classe unit can bring the soundstage forward? Any insights would be greatly appreciated. I'm currently using Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway MK III+ interconnects.


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I've had good results with the following. Place Waipuna Myrtlewood footers under your Classe CDP and the soundstage will bloom. ( Bettered several alternatives ) I also use Isol-blocks (2" x 2" rubber/cork/rubber pads ) in combination with them as well. DO NOT place weights on top of the CDP 10. Let it float. Also had improvements by using a Harmonic Technology AC-11 power cord on my Classe CDP vs. some other cables. Your interconnects are excellent. The NAD is a great value but feel the Classe offers superior tonality, especially on piano. I agree getting the image forward appears to be more challenging than deeper, wider, or higher. My guess is that it's the player. I look forward to reading others comments as well. Best of luck.
Thanks so much for your feedback. I'll definitely try your suggestions. I really like the Classe unit - would just like to bring the soundstage forward. Are you using 3 or 4 of the myrtlewood footers?

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

Thanks Clayeton. Using 4 under my Classe. Did not compare to 3. Just thought 4 would offer more stability for the chassis and prevent excess movement when loading/unloading CD's. Brought another set of 3 to an audiophile friend for his trial. Placed them under his older NAD CD player and the sound-stage opened right up. He won't give them back!