interconnect help

Any suggestions for interconnects between a CAT Ultimate and Rowland 6's? I need a long run, about 24 cost is an issue. I've been using Cardas 300B Micro for years but recent upgrade of electronics prompts foray into murky waters of cabling. Speakers are Wilson Sophias.

There are inexpencive professional grade (RCA or XLR) cables that you can successfully use on any audiofile system and with huge lengths. Try to get Canare japanese pro interconnects that are being widely used during recording in the studios. They're available in SamAsh music stores. At least you can buy them and try them for a measurable price.
You need to be careful to get low capacitance cables with a tubed pre and a long run. You also may have RFI issues, as the CAT, I'm sure, is single-ended. My own prejudice is to go with simple cables of good materials and workmanship and spend the rest on music. I would want shielded cables for your situation. I have a long balanced run (15ft), and I use solid core six 9's copper. But, my gear is solid state. I also recommend the Cable Company as the best way to audition a bunch of cables easily and at reasonable cost.
You might want to talk to the folks at InnerSound. I have a long run of their balanced cables and it is excellent and a great value. I know that Roger is a fan of his single-ended cable so he can set you up with what you need.

...and I wish to continue with capacitance issue: the pro interconnects are basically designed to work with pro tube gear as well.
How low is the capacitance on these "pro" interconnects?
...I think that is simple to measure for Audioengr! :^)

As to Canare the manufacturers simply state that their product is designed to work with tube gear and have long runs upto 25...30 feet.
I've got a friend who's using the shortest available Canare cables ~2m with passive preamp very successfull.

The sonic performance is compatible with AudioQuest DiamondBlack or even better at fourth or third fraction of its price. They're considered to be of the higher priced and high quality professional grade interconnects.

Moreover you gotta stay tuned for more reviews from more users!
Thanks for the responses. I've had no functional issues with the Cardas 300B which is a relatively high capacitance cable; no noise/RFI with this run single-ended (even though the Rowland only takes an XLR input). How would a lower capacitance cable affect sonics or function? the author's last question the simple answer is BASS especially if you have an analogue source.