Interconnect from VPI Scout to Clearaudio basic

I have recently purchased a VPI scout. Before I had a Rega P25 and never had to worry about a interconnect. So as a result I didn't and now I need one. The cartridge I use is a Lyra Dorian. From the basic it goes to a Rotel RC980Bx and then a Rotel RB1070. Next comes my Impulse Aria SE speakers. Just for reference my CD transport is a CEC TL51x and a Wadia 12 DAC.

I live in the Netherlands so please donĀ“t advice some small brand that is not readily available.

I was think along the lines of Cardas Qualink-five C or Cross, maybe a Kimber Hero, KCAG etc.
You might want to give the VPI interconnect a listen. It's not in the stratosphere, price wise, but it is a good sounding cable.
As far as I know the Dutch importer doesn't sell/distributes the VPI Interlink. At least I cannot find anything about it on their site.
You will then need to buy from one of the mail order places in the US...Music Direct, Elusive Disc or Acoustic Sounds. Also, I believe VPI sells direct.
I talked with some poeple here (the Netherlands) and most of them advise John van Gent phono cable.

A belgian man compared the John van Gent cable with kimber KS1130, KS1111, KS1021. He found that the John van Gent was at least as good as the KS1021 an d KS1111 for 1/3 of the price. Since I cannot review all cables myself I will take the chanse and order it.