Interconnect for sweet, silky violin sound

Yes, I know, component interactions and all that sort of stuff. But maybe that can be set aside for now. Can anyone, mainly you classical violin fans, recommend an interconnect(RCA)that assists in primarily presenting the sound of the violin as easy,silken and sweet as opposed to bright,peaky,wirey,thin and acidic? I realize every register of this instrument isn't just one way or the other, but there are plenty of components out there that just can't get the violin to sing the way it does at a live concert. I'd just like an honest facsimile. Kind thanks for any assistance here.
It's not always just a matter of ic choice. There's lots of interactions that go on between components and lots of times different cables will react in different ways depending on the system they're used in. I've used lots of different cables over the years and have found that the most consistent and best sounding no matter what I use them with is PNF Audio. Spend more and you're wasting time and money. The real trick is finding cabling that works together as another component, because that's what it really is. Try PNF Symphony speaker cables, and some of their ICON ic's together and you won't be sorry.
New MIT Shotgun S1.3 series cables will deliver the goods and then some...especially for classical and jazz lovers:O)
violinist here, i use Siltech, they are very detailed at the same time, smooth and silky. It's detailed as you can tell the recording style, whether live or studio, even the characters of different violin as well. Like a comparison between Stradivari and Gueneri, u can really feel it.
I had been looking for something neutral for awhile, and when i found Siltech i decided it was the one to keep. I use Siltech power cord, interconnect and speaker cables, their price truly reflect the quality of the sound, their high end stuff is amazing.

Try to audition them.
Karmatogdral, with which Siltech wires have you been happiest? What other wires have you used in your system? Could you contrast them for us?

Thanks, G.
Hello Opus,

I have been quietly following this thread because your question is the definition of gold cables. I am one of the three main manufacturers who uses either pure gold or some alloy. I felt the need to chime in because I feel the advise has drifted into the more analytical and highly defined rather than the hues and textures you were looking for.

The ability of gold to create a full realistic palette of color is beyond any other material. I personally use Dunlavy IVa speakers and find for classical music my system is what I hear when I go to Orchestra Hall. The feeling of the music is well portrayed.

I also have found the soundstage and holographic nature of gold to be better than other materials. I strongly recommend you seek out one of us to audition a gold cable, I think you will be quite happy.


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