Interconnect for Spectral DMC20+DMA180

I want to use for Spectral DMC20+DMA180 interconnect "MIT/Spectral 350 UL SERIes 2". It is possible to replace this cable with another?
What cable MIT (not spectral) is absolutely identical and capable to replace completely recommended MIT/Spectral 350UL serII?
Nothing else in the MIT is absolutely identical. In the past, I have found other MIT cables colored one way or another - I owned the MIT 350 "Reference" (horrible, very bass heavy), some 330's, and tried recent Magnums and an Oracle 1.x - all colored in my book. I am back to the 350 MIT/Spectral Series II; see if you can find a used one from Joe Abrams.
Here's your used cable
I replaced the 350UL2 that I was using between my Spectral preamp and amp recently with the Magnum M2.3. HUGE upgrade. The 350UL2 was quite colored in comparison. I also compared the M2.3 to some other cables (Nordost Valkyrja and Frey) between sources and preamp. The M2.3 was the least colored, and best all around. Going with a full loom of M2.3s was a tremendous upgrade (one exception: I'm using the Nordost Tyr tonearm cable).

I've also tried the Shotgun S1.3. This was also very uncolored and very resolving. It lacked the tone colors and resolution of the M2.3.

All cables are colored. It seems to me that the generation 3 MIT cables are less colored than previous models. I think they're fantastic.

Joe Abrams is the guy to talk to about these cables. He took great care of me.
Thanks for involvement.
I understand now what not mandatory to use MIT/Spectral. It is possible simply MIT not below level Magnum. Better Magnum MA, Oracle 3.1 and above...
Yes not mandatory to use the MIT/Spectral cables. However, when I asked Spectral directly which ones they endorsed for my amps the answer was quite clear: the 350 II's or the Oracle MA. I think I can understand why - anything in between sounded colored to me, with excessive, fake midbass. YMMV.