Interconnect for Solid State, Perreaux, B&W 802's

Hey, anyone have suggestions for what interconnect would work best with B&W 802's, Perreaux 3150 amp that runs 300 watts at 8 ohm and 500 at 4 ohm. a Perreaux SM-3 preamp with a Yamaha PF-800 turntable and a Denon DL-103 MC. I've been testing Kimber (copper) Hero which is nice but I understand B&W 802's are considered a little slow and copper is recommended over silver. I prefer staying with any Kimber but suggestions welcome. Thanks, Spl.
A ltttle Kimber Kable update 5/15/06. Checked out some Silver Streak 1.0M from my friends at the Candyman and put the Hero in the left channel and the Silver Streak in the right as well as paired. Some great demo records that Guy Lemcoe ex-patriot of Stereophile magazine turned me on to when a resident here in Santa Fe back in 1990 were used for comparisons. Dynamics broad and engineered very well and just plain beautiful to listen to.
Villancicos-Atrium Musicae De Madrid, G. Paniagua
Harmonia Mundi 1025
Le Roman De Fauvel - Clemencic Consort, R.Clemencic, Harmonia Mundi 994

In a nutshell to spare long dialog, the Silver Streak has a more open sound stage and the high frequency transients sharper and more detailed bordering sharp and edgey with solid low level mid's. The Hero sound is darker and rounder. Slightly less present and forward in detail but not necessarily making it inferior to the Silver Streak's. Audition will continue through the week. Feedback welcome, spl.
Reference Equipment; Perreaux PMF3150, SM3, B&W 802's, Yamaha PF-800 w/ Denon DL-103 MC, Spk cable, Kimber 4TC
Well, I purchased a pair of Acoustic Zen "WOW" Interconnect here on Audiogon and they arrived Monday the 22nd, so Im just getting them adjusted to system. After some burn in I will give brief review.

Kimber Hero kable is an excellent Int. If you have a bright system or want to give some warmth in the line without sacrificing to much detail, soundstage and high end extension than I say give these a shot. For the price they are worthy of there history.
SPL, I bought 2 pairs of Hero ICs. First impression with Diana Krall CDs is the vocal is bigger and rounder or taper which is good but on the other hand, I loose a lot of crisp, edgy in vocal of slightly dark recordings as in Nora Jones" Feels like home". Overall, I don't know what to choose between PBJ or Hero. PBJ gives me a sharp,crystal clear high but somehow little harsh on bright recordings which Hero doesn't. Any advise?
Andrewdoan, Ive been useing Acoustic Zen WOW cables I purchased on Audiogon for a price within the HERO range that in my opinion out perform the HERO. If you can find a pair I suggest you try them. They are more detailed with a better soundstage and have a little more ompf. The PBJ's are ok, I will stop there.Spl
SPL, you should try Matrix RefII. WOW is a good cable but the soundstage width and depth with Matrix Ref II is just huge in comparison. Sorry I didn't see your post before, I would've recommended the AZ for you. I use Silver Ref II and Matrix Ref II and had the WOW, so I know exactly what each of these sounds like. When you're in a mood for upgrade, try Matrix Ref II. Full bodied with lots of detail without brightness and very expansive soundstage. Also, Zen speaker cables are something to consider for the future upgrades as well.
Audphile, I agree for the extra couple hundred the Matrix Ref II and Silver Ref do sound better. For economy the WOW's are unbeatable. I have a pair of Goertz Sapphire 1/2 Meter coming so we shall see how these stand up. There silver so comparison not necessarily fair to WOW but perhap's Matrix Silver Ref.
Sold the 802's a while back for Magnepans but thought I should mention the following. The Goertz Sapphire 1/2 Meter turned out to be exceptional interconnect.Much more natural and rich without being tilted in the highs like many others.