Interconnect for Rega Planet

The Planet (old style) is known to lack inner detail.I want to find a I.C. to bring the detail out without being bright.I have a Rogue 99 Pre,HT Pro-Silway MK2's,Pass Labs Aleph-3,MIT T-2's and Paradigm Studio 80's 92dB 8ohmMy budget is $200 (retail)Also,has anyone tried hard wiring a DIY powercord in place of the hard wired supplied power cord?Thanks!
Dave, do try the Homegrown Audio Silver Lace ICs for $190. This 8 strand silver cable is the extremely smooth/grain free and natural sounding, I have HT PS II and the Silver Lace is slightly better overall, more relaxed sounding. 30 day trail period available, if you do search here you will find some threads on this cable. Check them out

Also e-mail member Dekay, he has used Asolute power cords to replace stock hard wired cord with great success.

I saw you over at Audio Outcasts, lots of bad boys from Agon there, he,he,he.
I recently upgraded some of the cabling in my system with products from and have been very, very happy with the results. They have an interconnect called the Jazz4 that falls within your stated budget.

I have never replaced a captive power cord but I think the Absolute Power cord would be a good choice. Zcable makes a power cord that costs $125 that is smoother and more detailed than the Absolute.

Zcable products have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Of course modifying a power cable will probably preclude this. I have been really impressed with the performance, value, and customer service that Zcable offers.
Nordost Blue Heaven and Red Dawn have worked well on my planet. Both are deatailed and quick-speak with The Used Cable Co for recs and perhaps check out various cables to try in your system.
I use a home brew of DH labs 22 gage, silver/teflon, 3 conductor, 1 for hot and two for ground, braided with WBT "knock offs". After break in, around 50 to 100 hours, they completmented the Rega and I am very happy. The total cost was around $25.00 (+) my own labor. Which is a great savings if you look at what others charge for a like cable; $150.00 to $500.00 or more!

All this stuff can be purchased from "Parts Connection".