Interconnect for Pass Aleph 3/Aleph P

I now have Red Dawn forst version, but I am trying to get rid of any whispiness and forwardness I hear in my system. Any thoughts would be helpful.
I never actually tried them when I owned that combo, but I'd recommend testing the JPS Superconductor+. They have a nice strong bass, and the high end isn't so revealing that you hear a lot of whispiness and sibilance. I still have an Aleph P, and I've used them between my CD and/or DVD player and my preamp.
With the pass alephs (aleph P and 2 monos) I tried and ranked (in the following order):
Transparent Ref

Nordost SPM

Kimber 1120

Nordost Red Dawn

Harmonic Tech Truthlink

MIT 330

This was with AP Virgo speakers and Cd playback. I think the nordost cable is really a great match for pass gear. The HT cable is great too, but seemed to take a little resolution away. The truthlink and red dawn were pretty close - depends on your choice of flavor. ht is smoother and more of a copper cable sound, but red dawn a little more detailed and forward in the treble.
I currently run Pass L and Threshold T200 (Pass design). While one of my friends uses Pass P and Pass X series (speakers....Electa Amators and Thiels) We've circulated Cardas Golden, Harmonic Truth, MIT Shot and ref 350, Audio Quest Python, etc. I think you might wanna try the Python between the amp and preamp!...might just be the ticket for your woes!..? It's very clear and detailed, great bass and soundstage, but with a slight forgiving character to it. Seems to work great matched with more revealing/agressive cables up front, while the Python sits between your amp and preamp!...good luck
I have owned the Pass P and 3 combo for the last 3 years. I have tried Cardas Golden Reference, Transparent Super, and Synergistic Research Phase 2. I have been using, and feel is a superior match, Discovery Essence/Essential for the last 2 years. Much better than anything else I tried. I am using a JPS Analog AC on the P and a JPS Power AC on the 3.