Interconnect for Mcintosh MC352 and C42

Hi.. Please help me to chose an interconnect for this Mcintosh combo. I am currently using MIT2 RCA and would like to move to BALANCED. I came up with a few choices, let me know if you know others that will be great match for this combo.

MIT 330 Shortgun Balanced
AudioQuest Python Balanced
Cardas Cross Balanced

Thank You!!
Try LAT International IC-200, which is cheaper and at least as good as the cables you mentioned
I use the LAT International between my C42 and 2102 and also between my C2200 and 352. with great results.
as you may know mac doesn't recommend any wire over another..several promenent retailers use cardas... the strange thing about mac is that it does what it does just fine with just about anomally in this day and age.