interconnect for Mark Levinson 332

What would be a good IC for ML 332. It feeds B&W 802N.
I would spend not more than $500.00, and I think I need 2M long.
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Do you mean speaker cable?
I'm sorry, I meant RCA.
I use Kimber Selects on my ML equipment. Try a used pair of 1011's. There are other good cables like Transparent, but they they would be over $500.
The Levinsons can be sterile, IMO. You may want to consider Cardas N. ref. No silver.
Badham, OK, so what are you using for speaker cable, and what is your make/model preamp?
I am using Kimber, I think it's 8tc, and I'm using Pioneer Elite top of the line receiver as preamp. Because I share the same room for watching movies.