Interconnect for a VPI Scout?

What is a good recommended interconnect for a VPI Scout? I have a Transparent that I'm using between my DAC and integrated amp and I'm very happy with it. I've been told that the network box isn't the way to go with a turntable (not sure why) otherwise I would just use that. I guess transparent has a version without a network but then it's in the same ballpark as everything else. Are the interconnects as critical between a turntable and amp? Is shielded or non-shielded better? I'm just not sure if all the same rules apply with vinyl playback (my current pro-ject has a built in interconnect).
This might be the most critical interconnect in your system. The reason - the signal generated by your cartridge is REALLY small (read millivolts), as opposed to an approximate 2 Volt signal coming from a CD player. Do not skimp on this particular interconnect.
You will want a good shielded interconnect. Phono pre-amps are very good at picking up RFI, and you don't want to hear that.
I actually tried a set of Transparent cables with my ScoutMaster, but I got a lot of hum from them. I switched to Audioquest Jaguar or Cheetah (I can't remember. The one that costs $300/1meter) and the hum went away. I am actually hoping to upgrade this interconnect, too, when funds permit.

The easy answer is the VPI Tonearm Cable Series 2. That is what I use, and it has the same Discovery Tonearm cable in it that the non-Signature VPI Tonearms have.

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Zu Xaus

Noticeable improvement in detail over VPI's I/C