Interconnect for a Rotel 971

I just got a Rotel 971 and am looking for a good interconnect. Mike the cable buy was going to sell me a Kimber Silver Streak, but has apperently decided not to honor the auction and hasn't contacted me. So I get to re-think the interconnect. Any suggestions?
Mike looks like he is going to come thru....
I used to make my own interconnects using Kimber AGSS, which the Silverstreak has ONE strand of. (Mine had two.) Then I tried Stealth cables--and I have a ton of Kimber AGSS on my hands that isn't good for any audio purpose (though some "name brand" companies still use it for internal wiring, in upgrades even.) Stealth cables come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If I were you, I'd feel lucky that the Silverstreak option fell through, and try one or more of the Stealth interconnects--see I like both cross-wrapped copper and cross-wrapped ribbon a lot.