Interconnect conundrum

I indeed have a bit of a interconnect cable conundrum. I have 2 balanced cables, one being a harmonic technology Magic Link and the other a Nordost Red Dawn. One to be used between the Amp to preamp while the other from my Phono line stage to the preamp. In your opinion where do you think I should use the cables? Of the 2 possible connections on my system, which 1 will maximize the more expensive set being the Nordost to its fullest on my system. I currently am using a BAT VK 30 paired with a Bryston 4B-ST. My phono stage is a GCPH with balanced and non-balanced outputs.Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.
Why don't you just try them and use them where they sound best to you?
if you distribute cables such as Brand per Channel and your preamp has 'mono' switch and balance, you can actually A/B them
Red Dawn at the phono,IMO. Like others have said, swap to see what sounds best.