Interconnect Choices

Has anyone compared the Audioquest Earth interconnect to the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval?  I understand the Solo Oval is less money but I hear that it competes with other offerings for allot more money.  My set up is an ARC preamp, a Pass amp on the way, and SF speakers.

Thank you in advance  

The question as posted is impossible to answer.

The cables audio performance -- and your resulting preference of one over another -- , is entirely system dependent. System synergy matters, big-time.  A contender in one bespoke system is highly likely to be a pretender in another.

^^^akg_ca is exactly right, not much to add other that I have used AP IC’s and SC and they do offer great sound for the money.  They also have a compelling story with their hollow oval technology.  I have never heard the AQ.

Call cable company they might be able to loan you cables, like what you are looking for.