Interconnect Cables for Mini Disc Recorder

Recently I purchased Tascam mini disc recorder so I would like
to transfer all my records on mini disc. So I'm looking for
good (not too expensive) Interconnect Cables. I would really
appreciate Your opinions. Thanks in advance and Happy
incoming holidays.
So, will you be needing a cable from a phono pre-amp into the Tascam? Which input on the Tascam will you be using? When you say records do you mean LPs or CDs?
Sorry, I wasn't specific. I need Interconnect cables for Analog recording from Preamp into Tascam. Also, I will be transferring LPs on to Mini Disc.
*only mentioning how I was told to hook it up *

but thought you had to have a tape 1 / tape 2 input on the preamp and had to make a loop ( if you will ) with the cables in order to record ?

At least this is the way I record lps to cd.

Kiza, check your email.