Interconnect cables for EAD sig and Rotel RMB-1095

I am trying o connect an EAD signature preamp with a Roel RMB-1095 amp to drive Infinity Intermezzos in a 5.1 setting. Which interconnect cables are good withiut an overkill.
The Parts-Connection/MAS cables work well in my HT set-up.This is a solid core silver IC with teflon dialectric.It can be bettered in the .1/LFE loop.There I use the Black Mountain Pinnacle Gold-great bass cable,not so great in the high frequencies.$70/meter pr and has a return policy,should they not have synergy in your system.
I have an AR Master component cable lying around. Can I use those three as interconnect for center, left surround and Right surround. They LOOK pretty solidly built cables.
I wouldn't see why not.You might experiment using the same cable in the rest of the system.I believe Parts-Express sells these-in various lengths.