Interconnect Cables and Power Cord for PASS x350.5


I have dCS Puccini, ARC Ref 5, Pass X350.5 and Sonus Faber Cremona M. I try to upgrade my speakers soon at SF Amati Anniversario or Magico V3

No w I have a big problem because use between dCS and Ref 5 Kimber KS1130 and between Ref 5 and Pass Cardas Golden Cross. Power cords is AC12 but I am no happy with all my cables.

So I need to know what best cable must use to have best results
I am looking for big resolution, huge 3D scene, natural voices

I intend to replace power cords too
Thanks for your share experince for me
Well for my Pass Labs X350.5 I use the MAC Ultra Silver balanced for interconnects and I am using DIY 14 and 18 gauge solid silver soft annealed speaker cables.
I am using a Synergistic Tesla Hologram A power cord plugged directly into a 20 A dedicated circuit.

By the way, I just bought a BSG Qol and it increased all the attributes you desire.
I just read many reviews that transparent cables can be best choice for signal send by dCS into Pre REF 5
Anyway I just reading, in short time I will be an dictionary :)
I'm in the process of comparing various power cords and interconnects for my Pass amplification. For interconnects, the standouts are Synergistic Research Element Tungsten and CRL Silver, and for power cords the CRL Mk II (new ones with Oyaide 004 plugs). These handily bettered the VooDoo, JPS, Audience, and Van Den Hul cables that they were compared against.

My personal experience (from owning the X600.5s for several years) is that one has to be very careful in picking cables for Pass gear because they are warm sounding in the first place, and any hint of additional warmth in the cables will quickly make the resulting too colored. The SR and CRL cables mentioned above are among the most neutral sounding cables with Pass gear.
Big resolution and soundstage plus 3d sound is what
Audience will give in PCs and ICs. Increased dynamics and air and extension without brittle highs. They literally breathe life and energy and space into the music. I can't live without them. I'm addicted. From cables to their power conditioners, Audience is the bomb.